NGHE Teaching Touchpoints

Important Information for NGHE Teachers & Support Staff

Issue Date: Wednesday, January 27, 2016

In This Issue:
  • 1099 MISC Tax Forms for 2015
  • January Paychecks
  • Substitute Instructor Procedure
  • NGHE Supplies
  • NGHE Policy on Team Members Requesting Money from NGHE Families

1099 MISC tax forms for anyone who worked during 2015 will be mailed out no later than Saturday, January 30. Please notify if you do not receive your 1099 by Tuesday, February 2. If you are new to NGHE in 2016 and have not yet completed a W-9 tax form, please do so as soon as possible to ensure timely payroll processing.


The first paycheck for the Spring 2016 Semester should arrive on or around February 7. This check will be for two Mondays of classes taught in January. If you do not receive your first check for any reason, please contact, so that any check delays can be investigated and resolved.

It is important to note that NGHE checks for payroll and supply reimbursements come in a very plain envelope with "Payment Process Center" in the return address areas, so they can sometimes be mistaken for junk mail. Also, if you have moved recently, be certain that we have your new address on file. Note that checks presented for payment after 90-days from date of issue will not be honored by NGHE's credit union.

Below is payment schedule for the Spring, 2016 Semester:

  • January (reflecting 2 teaching days) - payable first week February, 2016
  • February (reflecting 4 teaching days) - payable first week of March, 2016
  • March (reflecting 4 teaching days) - payable first week of April, 2016
  • April (reflecting 3 teaching days) - payable first week of May, 2016
  • May (reflecting 3 teaching days) - payable first week of June, 2016

NGHE has had a long-standing policy that asks that you please secure your own qualified substitute whenever possible, and as far in advance as possible. Keep in mind that there may be a current NGHE teaching team member who may not have a class of their own for the hour(s) that you need a substitute. Current team members may be willing to fill in for your spot given the proper notification and class preparation.

Seeking a current team member may also be ideal in that they are already cleared with a criminal background check, they have already been set up in the NGHE payroll system, they know the NGHE campus and many of the students, and they may really appreciate having "first right of refusal" before you seek someone from the outside. Please ask for a teacher contact information at the front desk.

Please note that all substitutes will be required to complete the same forms that you did at the beginning of the semester (listed below). Please have any new substitutes report to the front desk when they arrive to get these forms and a "Guest" badge for any day(s) they are teaching.

  • W-9 Tax Form for 2015
  • Teacher Information Sheet
  • Criminal Background Check form

Or, email as soon as you know who your substitute teacher will be and all required forms will be sent to him or her. In your email, please include all of the substitute's contact information and the date(s) he/she will be on campus.

Note that North Lanier Baptist Church requires Criminal Background Checks for anyone working with children on their campus- including instructors, substitutes, and volunteers.

For complete details on NGHE's Supply Reimbursement Procedure, please click here. Remember these important notes as it relates to NGHE Supplies:

  • Please have all supply requests that total $50 or more approved prior to purchasing so budgets can be verified prior to making the supply investment. Please email details of proposed purchase to at least one week prior to date for which the supplies will be needed.
  • In cases of larger expenses, it is possible to have NGHE order and pay if given enough advance notice. NGHE has an Amazon Prime account with free two-day shipping, however, all other suppliers will likely require more time to process orders and ship. Please allow ample time for NGHE to process and deliver requested orders. NGHE does not pay or reimburse any expedited or international shipping fees for any supplies unless pre-authorized with NGHE administration.
  • If you purchase supplies, be sure to submit a Supply Reimbursement Form (in the green folder at the front desk near the copy machine) within 2 weeks of purchasing any supplies with your own funds.
  • Reimbursement payments are typically processed within 10 business days of submission, unless there is a break or holiday, in which case it may be longer.
  • Any leftover supplies should be returned to the supply cabinet located in the closet of Room ED-203. Even a few leftover pipe cleaners, a half ream of paper, or a box of partially used crayons could be used by a fellow instructor. Please put your leftover supplies in this cabinet so there is not duplication of effort or expense!
  • All supplies being used throughout the semester and transported weekly for class become the responsibility of the instructor. Please keep NGHE supplies and equipment in a secure place. If you need a secure storage on the NGHE campus, please email and a plan will be developed for storage and/or weekly transport by NGHE. All equipment and unused supplies need to be returned to the front desk on the last day of the semester.
  • Please do not take any supplies from the "Art Cart" in the main classroom hallway. This is a different policy than in years past at NGHE whereby the "Art Cart" was a designated center for supplies that anyone could use for their classes. The "Art Cart" is now dedicated to housing only supplies for the art classes of NGHE and their teaching team members.

Please note that under no circumstances should any NGHE Team Member request money from NGHE families (parents or students), within the context of the NGHE program, without prior consent from NGHE administration.

This includes any money being requested from families for any additional supplies, technology rental, instruments, uniforms or gear, testing fees, lab equipment, licenses, field trips, fundraising efforts, or any other special projects or productions.

As a service to our parents, NGHE strives to request ALL costs up front at time of registration, so that there are no "hidden fees" or surprises later in the semester.

Also, a majority of families take advantage of the monthly installment payment plan. Therefore, it is extremely important that all costs be rolled up into this payment plan accurately, including all registration fees, supply fees and tuition.

All supply fees and other expenses related to your class should have been communicated by you during the development of your class, so that it could be reflected in NGHE's course catalog. If you did not communicate a cost, or a cost was overlooked or under-budgeted, it should be addressed with a member of NGHE's administrative team. That team will then determine, on a case-by-case basis, if additional funds will be requested of parents or will come out of NGHE's operational budget.

Please call or text one of the following team members if you need to reach the front desk for a question or help during your class:

  • Linda: 770.403.2866
  • Charlene: 770.355.5805
  • Alex: 470.222.1722


  • There's an NGHE supply cabinet in Room 203 (last room to the right with the white piano in it) that is packed full of crayons, scissors, colored pencils, paint, paint brushes, paper, glue and too many items to list that you can use for your class?

  • There's a copy machine at the front desk to make copies for your class?

  • There's white board "kits" at the front desk (on the copy machine cart) complete with dry erase markers, cleaning spray and white board erasers? Please return these kits at the end of the day so that we can be sure they don't get (mistakenly) taken by other ministries of North Lanier Baptist Church.

  • There's a green folder at the front desk near the copy machine with supply reimbursement forms or that you can email your supply needs to to be purchased for you?

  • There's a microwave to heat up your breakfast or lunch in the gym (also two additional ones in the church kitchen)?

  • There's fresh coffee (brewed every Monday!) and hot water for tea in the Welcome Center the lobby area?

  • There's a first-aid kit at the front desk for those minor cuts and scrapes your or your student may get?

  • There's a small vacuum located in the main hallway to clean your classroom at the end of the day as well as a bucket with cleaning spray, scrub pad and paper towels located in the main hallway, on each side of modular units, in the kitchen, and also in the gym for cleaning your tables and white boards?
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