Bass Guitar Lessons

Taught by Bassist Alex Nazarov

Hey you! What's up?

Wanna try something new for your life and have fun doing it?

Well welcome yourself to the fantastic world of the bass guitar!

Take lessons in a private, one–on-one lesson, basses provided!

You’ll to play famous riffs and songs, and even learn your favorite songs!!

So don’t wait, whip out your iPhone or Android and call the number at the bottom now!

Just Don’t Drop the Bass!!

Learn How to Play Songs by:

What you can learn:

  • Learn the basics (tuning, setup, handling, and playing)
  • Learn to read music and tablature
  • Learn about various famous bass players, bands, and virtuosos
  • Learn helpful and creative techniques
  • Learn to have fun with your bass guitar!

About Alex Nazarov

"Alex is a great bass player

and a very trustworthy and nice


-James McDaid, guitar player

Call at 609-334-5671 or 609-443-3370

Email at

12 Hebron Drive, East Windsor

If you have your own bass guitar,

bring it in to your lesson and your

first lesson is 100% free!! No joke.