Geography of Southern Africa

by: Jiwon

Namib Desert

It has been there for about 55 million years known as the oldest desert in the world. It is important for the mining of tungsten, salt, and diamonds.

Cape of Good Hope

It is a rocky headland on the tip of South Africa jutting toward the Atlantic Ocean. It was a stopping point for trading ships sailing between Europe and European colonies in the East.


It is the largest city in South Africa by population. It has 40% of the world's gold and has 12 river systems.

Zambezi River

It is an African River which flows to the Indian Ocean. People over the years have used Zambezi River's strong current to produce electricity. Also, tourists come to visit the falls, which also brings great money source to Africa's economy.

Limpopo River

It is a river that starts in the central of South Africa and flows east toward the Indian Ocean. It supports impressive mangrove vegetation and fresh water ecosystems.


Lusaka is the fast-growing capital city of Zambia in Southern Africa. It is the center of both commerce and government. It also connects to the country's four main highways.


Cabinda is an exclave and province of Angola. It was once a territory of Angola but Democratic Republic of the Congo took it and later Cabinda got its independence. Adjacent to the coast are some of the largest oil fields in the world and they produce about 700,000 barrels of crude oil per day.