Carnival in Rome

History, dress code, and why it is celebrated!

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Madison Bodovinac

Rome Carnivals

Carnival in Rome is a special time of year. The streets are filled with children Dressed in their favorite costumes. The shops are filled with delicious regional treats and the cities hold festivals to delight and amuse the children and also the adults. It runs through February 2 until February 12, it is ten days of tradition that bring together the city.
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What Is Carnival?

It is an annual celebration of life found in many countries of the world.

Africa and Indonesia

Carnival was introduced to the Cape Verde Islands. The pre-Lenten celebration is considered one of the most colorful carnivals of Africa and is celebration in each of the nine inhabited island of the archipelago. In Indonesia the word carnival is Karnaval. One of the largest carnival in Indonesia is Solo Batik Carnival held in Solo, Central Java and Jember Fashion Carnival.

2015 Rome Carnival

Thursday, Feb. 5th 2015 at 9pm to Friday, March 6th 2015 at 11pm

Rome, Italy

Rome, Lazio

This event will happen in February and will also end in February.

More Carnival Floats and Costumes


You can design as many floats as you want floats. You can use your imagination to make a float. A float can be any thing you want it to be. If you look above at the pictures, there are many different kinds of floats. Like the dragon picture at the top. You can make any kind of floats.
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Lent is a religious Christian holiday. It covers a period of six weeks before Easter. Lent is a preparation prayer. They tried to not eat rich food like meat, dairy, fats, and sugars.

Rich Foods

Some rich foods in the pictures above us there are turkey, wine, fish, lobsters, claims, rice, meat, beans, and eggs. These are some examples of rich foods that are eaten on this holiday.

More Foods