B. Corey Lutrell Memorial News

New Adventures We Would Like to Expand On

EASTER is One of Our FAVORITE Holidays to Celebrate...So in Honor of Corey we are kicking off Our FundRaiser with Lighting Our First Purple Tree Decoration with a Reindeer as Our Remembrance of the 12 Year Battle that Corey SO Courageously fought

Many Epiphanies surfacing, I don't understand completely. I just know it is ALL very REAL. I'm trying to pick 3 Important things I want to focus on and it is SO difficult. However, it is coming CLEAR what our next step is going to be. I've tried to remain balanced during this WHOLE Life Changing Occurrence ...I can tell you, there is definitely another dimension. My goal is to share my experience in this area. Since losing Corey it is phenomenal the events happening. If you can't get past the DEEP GRIEVING of losing a Loved One, in Our case in 45 minutes, come to this Event. Our wish for you is that you leave with a fulfillment that fills your SOUL with GRATITUDE.