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FVES Family Newsletter, September 14, 2020

Parent Feedback Wanted

Dear Parents,

We can't tell you enough how much we appreciate your support and patience as this year has looked so different than any before! Our teachers are working hard to provide appropriate instruction and support for your child(ren) to be successful in this most unusual start. We have two items in this week's message. We want your feedback regarding Virtual Learning thus far and we want to give you an opportunity to request carpool tags for when we return to school and start using carpool again. If you plan on using carpool at all and are NOT part of the whole year Virtual Academy, please complete the request.

Below is a link to a short survey (7 questions) that we ask you to complete regarding Virtual Learning thus far. The answers in this form will provide us valuable feedback about your child’s current schedule and workload. While we were provided very specific directives from the district regarding online instruction, we want to ensure that we are working within those guidelines to provide the most appropriate support possible to your family. We will use the information from the survey to see what is working well and where we might be able to improve.

If you have a child in more than one grade level at FVES, please complete a separate survey for each child since we are collecting and analyzing the data by grade level.

Thank you in advance for taking time to provide this information to us!

Heather Johnson and the FVES School Family

FVES Family Survey Regarding Virtual Learning

Thank you for completing for each child if possible!

Carpool Number Request Form

ALL carpool riders will need to complete this for 2020-2021. Virtual Academy full year students, please hold off on completing this year.