Football Fugitive

by: Braden Yokeley Written by: Matt Christopher Block 5


The theme of this story is Friends are very important.

Conflict and Plot


Yancey Foote had some problems and got into a fight. When this fight happened there were no witnesses. So, the judge was deciding if this great football player should go to jail. Larry's dad is a lawyer and that is just what Mr. Foote needed. One day, during Larry's game, he was thinking about Yancey. Larry was nervous, he was thinking Yancey was going to have to spend time in jail. After that game Larry quickly started to run home and Yancey and his dad stop him. They told him Yancey was not going to jail. Larry was so exited. That was the conflict.


The plot of this story was to find out a way to get Yancey to not have to go to jail.


The setting of this book Football Fugitive is at his house and at the football field. Larry goes to the football field to play his games. When Larry is at home he spends time with his mom and dad. While Larry's mom is cooking dinner his dad ask him about football and he talks about it all day.

Book Review

This book Football Fugitive is a great book to me. It has a lot of action and I like a lot of action in a book. Secondly, the book is very detailed and it tells you clearly what is happening. When an author writes a book with a lot of detail, it makes the book a little better in my opinion, but, there are some sentences that don't make sense. Last but certainly not least, this book is a sports book, it's fun to read, especially the parts when he is actually playing in the game. That why I like this book and I definitely recommend you to read it.