Gifted Program Mentor

Paradise Valley Unified School District, Phoenix, Arizona

ElizaBeth Warner

As the Gifted Program Mentor, I guide, encourage, and support our teachers in gifted programs from preschool - high school. I provide leadership with curriculum implementation, instructional strategies, and professional learning. My passion is inquiry-driven instruction, creative problem-solving, mastery learning, and inspiring teachers and students to embrace a journey of life-long learning.

I've taught for 18 years in Paradise Valley - all within gifted education. My experience includes serving as a cluster teacher, gifted specialist, and program mentor. Additionally, I am the proud parent of two daughters who received PVUSD gifted services from kindergarten through high school.

I look forward to providing support and resources for your teachers, parents, and students.


ElizaBeth Warner

How may I support your staff?

  • Provide professional learning (see topics below)
  • Gifted Curriculum Implementation
  • Teacher support (individual and/or specific teacher groups)
  • Differentiation strategies
  • Enrichment ideas and resources
  • Critical and creative thinking strategies
  • Online and live lesson modeling
  • Technology-infused strategy support & implementation
  • Cluster placement

Workshop topics available:

  • Introducing the Gifted Learner
  • Engaging Gifted Learners
  • Differentiation Strategies for Cluster Classrooms
  • Problem-solving & critical thinking strategies through picture books & mathematics
  • Promoting student voice with original projects, critical thinking & problem-solving tasks
  • Digital Differentiation
  • Implementing & differentiating with Khan Academy
  • Critical & Creative Thinking
  • Motivating Twice-Exceptional Students
  • Gifted Identification
  • Supporting the Social and Emotional Needs of Gifted Learners
  • Cross-curricular lesson design

Gifted Speaker Series

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🖥️ Gifted Education Resource Center

Professional Learning & Curriculum Resources are available at this site.

🖥️ Enrichment FlipBook: What's Next?

Please share this resource with your teachers.

ElizaBeth Warner, M.Ed, NBCT

Education Consultant

Khan Academy Ambassador

Google Certified Teacher