September 2018


A sharer is someone who has realized the benefits of the oils and shares with friends and family to learn more about the oils.

A builder is someone who has realized the financial benefits of building a residual income and strives to empower others to see the same.

This newsletter is about helping inspire you who have shared oils, has agreed to having a person placed under you or has indicated you want to build a team. I want to provide you the tools you may not realize you have and see this company for what it is and learn to share with results.

It may seem repetitive for a few of you, but it may help someone on your team. doTERRA is a process of learning and inspiration, it's about transforming lives in ways people may not have thought possible....it's about building a fulfilled life and sometimes it's about taking a journey through the unknown.

Leaving the familiar and going on an adventure to the unknown, can be very scary and some won't even give it a shot. I've lived my life on a simple principle, constant and never ending improvement. I will tell you I've taken detours, fallen down the mountain and yes I've danced with the Devil too. But that simple principle has also given me my real love, I've experienced things I wouldn't have without him. It's helped me see myself - my true self and she's pretty amazing. And I've had as many triumphs as I've had challenges. I've learned I have the strength to keep going forward.

So if you're willing to give this doTERRA thing 90 days, I guarantee you won't regret it! Let's take a journey shall we..................

We'll start by recognizing our Tribe of Leaders


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If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more you are a LEADER

The quote above exemplifies our team's top leader for August. Traci Bennis has reached the rank of Elite for the past three months in a row. She is leading her team to greatness.

Traci is an amazing person and I'm grateful she joined doTERRA and made the decision to become a leader. We are truly blessed to have Traci and her amazing talents. If you've not had an AromaTouch and are on Traci's team, you must have her give you on. Traci exemplifies the doTERRA mantra of being in service to others. Great job Traci!

You've stepped into a role that is both challenging and rewarding. I know as you journey to convention this year, it will become a defining moment, because I've watched you grow each and every year. I know I will see you walk down the Gala carpet - this is only the beginning.

See you on the red carpet.


We'll feature our newest enrollments on this page, when you enroll get a photo or let us know a little about them.

Let's get to know the founders

Each month I'll feature one of founders in this section on a topic related to building and sharing. Emily Wright is the reason we have the emotional aromatherapy oil collection or so they other 6 male founders say.....I encourage you to like and follow Emily on facebook and learn more about her passion. I believe she is the heart of this heart

The Power of PURPOSE

The Power of PURPOSE (Working Toward Your “Why”) In Network Marketing…

This month, I am sharing 3 simple keys that will unlock doors to lead you to a destiny of greatness in your business, and your life!

They are:

1) Purpose

2) Personal and Professional Development

3) Perseverance

This week we are talking about PURPOSE–what is yours…how do you find it…how do you begin to work toward it? Watch this brief video to kick off the series on the power of PURPOSE==> by Sarah Robbins, who began as an introvert and is now earning more than 5 million dollars. You're right, money isn't everything, and shouldn't be your purpose, but what money can do towards that purpose is a whole other topic........ What will you do with the rest of your life............



I hope you will give this newsletter a 90 day trial. Our desire is that you begin to see how the company becomes as dear to your heart as the oils have to your body, mind and spirit.

Wishing you great inspiration and joy on this journey.


Our Leaders are dedicated to empowering people across the globe to enrich lives, live fulfilled and educating others on the benefits doTERRA Essential Oils provide.
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