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Middle Years Programme (MYP) - IB World School - Evaluation Fall 2017 Report Received. Action Plan in development.

The Learner Profile Attributes

The Learner Profile Attributes


Risk Taker

We approach uncertainty with forethought and determination; we work independently and cooperatively to explore new ideas and innovative strategies. We are resourceful and resilient in the face of challenges and change.

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PYP students were excited to participate in the First Responder's Field Day designed by Mrs. Graney (PYP PE).
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Kindergarten students explore geometric design in Visual Arts with Ms. McGhan (PYP Art).
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5th Graders have begun the First Annual PYP Exhibition Process. Each group of students is assigned a mentor with whom they meet with on a weekly basis.

DATE CHANGE: The Exhibition Showcase will be on Wednesday, June 6, 2018. More information to follow.

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Kindergarten students have been exploring Homes around the world. In Mr. Wanberg's class they used found materials to build their own towns and cities.
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1st Graders in Ms. Zaander's class used the Makers Lab to explore making an electrical circuit with Ms. Andrade.


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How can I encourage my child's ability to think?

The ability to think critically and creatively is the foundation for all learning in the 21st Century. Here are some resources to think about thinking on the home front.

How Thinking about Thinking can Help Build Kids Resilience - PBS Parents

Tips for Parents: Thinking Skills - The Learning Community

Think About It: Critical Thinking - Scholastic Parents

25 Ways to Spark Your Child's Creative Thinking - Parents

Critical Thinking: How to Grow Your Child's Mind - Roots of Action

10 Ways Design Thinking can Help You Raise Resourceful Kids - The Washington Post

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PYP Assessment Policy

PYP Language Policy

Peirce PYP Programme of Inquiry

Peirce Specialists Programmes of Inquiry

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The MYP at Peirce

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April is the month of the RISK TAKER in the International Baccalaureate Programme. Read below to find out how our students are boldly taking risks!

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Abby Alvarez, MYP Year 2

Abby Alvarez is a risk taker by organizing production media and working to delegate tasks to peers.

What have the APRIL SHOWERS brought to the MYP this Spring?

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Yusra Maan-MYP Year 1 Student Teacher, Language and Literature

In reading, once we finish reading our novel The Westing Game, students will be able to do some creative writing and write their own mystery story. We have been building up to this through discussions of the elements of a mystery novel and tying in students background knowledge on mysteries into the comprehension of this novel. I think the students will enjoy having the agency in creating their own stories as a “fun” summative assessment.

Taylor Lemire- MYP Year 3 Student Teacher, Diverse Learners

As we approach the final portion of the year, students will be studying the Holocaust and World War II. In addition, later in the month students will be starting the novel Night.

Grace Theodosis, MYP Year 1 Student Teacher, Math

In MYP year 1 mathematics, students started their Algebra unit, exploring patterns in variable expressions and their relationships to real world problems. This month, students are learning to translate word phrases and word problems into algebraic expressions. They will be using their prior knowledge about math language in relation to math operations and symbols to make connections to Algebra.

Jeanmarie Youngblood, MYP Year 3 Student Teacher, Math

In our math learning communities, we have been reviewing linear equations, exponents, and square roots. In April, we will begin exploring geometry and functions, as well as fun challenge problems about probability.

Ms. Kerkstra- Year 1 Mathematics

Students are a few weeks into our newest unit, “Express Yourself!” They are learning how to use variables and write algebraic expressions. In the next few weeks, we’ll move into examining patterns to write equations, independent and dependent variables, graphing equations and solving one and two step equations. Students have been doing a great job of utilizing background knowledge to learn these foundational algebra skills!

Learn more about my class by visiting my Google Classroom. Email me for access.

Ms. Brugman-MYP Years 1-3, Physical Education & Health

Students in Year 3 are being risk takers and open-minded by trying an unfamiliar sport: frisbee. They’ve been practicing different ways to throw the frisbee and playing Ultimate Frisbee. Students in Years 1 & 2 are just beginning a volleyball unit.

Ms. Gerhardt, MYP Year 3 DIverse Learning

As we prepare for the final quarter, Year 3 students have much to look forward to! Round 1 high school decisions were due April 13th, graduation letters have been sent home, and we’ll continue our work in Second Step working on decision-making and improving peer relationships.

Ms. Keiner- MYP Year 1 Science

In April, students were building and explaining, through claim and evidence, using the Blender program, the difference between Climate and Weather. Students will be specifically looking at ocean currents and air masses affecting weather and climate all over the world, during our “Heat Wave!” Unit.

Ms. Puente- MYP Year 1 Language and Literature

This month 6th Graders will finish up The Westing Game mystery and begin writing their own mystery story. We will use the elements of a mystery we have learned to write our own story. The students will write during class time in order to receive feedback from the teacher. We will also use writing strategies to proofread and edit our work. As a final summative activity, students will read aloud their completed stories to a classmate, partner, or group.

Ms. Harris MYP Year 1 Diverse Learning

We are learning many powerful and engaging concepts in the classes I am involved in.In Individuals and Society, We will be beginning our Unit on Ancient Rome. One of our culminating activities will have students participating in “Rome Day”, where they will be taking on the roles and customs of the ancient Romans. In Science, students will be learning about climate and weather and participating in many experiments. In Reading, students are reading an exciting mystery and applying different literary elements to the story. Lastly, in Math, students are learning Algebra and seeing how they can apply it to real life scenarios amongst other things. Yes, you do use Algebra in everyday life!

To learn more about my class, please visit my website. Click HERE.

Erin Lenihan- Spanish MYP Years 1-3

We have an exciting end of the year in Spanish this year. Year 1 Spanish students will begin a unit on food and nutrition! Year 2 students will be working on a unit on sports. And Year 3 students will be working on a unit on travel as well as participating in a great project to make Spanish more prevalent throughout Peirce!

In IAS, we will be moving on from our unit on the Constitution. Congratulations to all of those who passed their test! We will be covering many exciting topics from the Louisiana Purchase to the Abolitionist movement!

Learn more about my class by visiting my website. Click HERE.

Ms. Hooper-MYP Year 3 Language and Literature & Individuals and Societies

In MYP Year 3, students are preparing to study World War II and the Holocaust. Students are motivated to learn about this historical event and visit the Illinois Holocaust Museum in this upcoming month. After studying segregation and the first World War, students will be connecting ideas of being an "upstander" when it’s easier to stand by.

Learn more about my class by visiting my website. CLICK HERE.

Brian Girard -MYP Year 3 MATH

In April we are working with equations in both classes. Algebra students have been asked to complete 30 minutes of Khan Academy review each night to help them prepare for the exit exam. This is critical, please ensure your student is getting this done to give them their best shot at passing the exit exam.

Ms, Mangas- MYP Year 1 Individuals and Societies

In MYP Year 2 the students are learning about Ancient Rome. They will be exploring the role of geography, economy and key political figures. They will be making many comparisons to other civilizations they have studied as well as making comparisons to issues in our society today. The students will also continue their work with argument centered education by participating in table top debates. These debates allow the students access to many primary and secondary sources as well as help them gain a deeper understanding of how to properly analyze a source.

To learn more about my class, visit my website. Click HERE.

Ms. Ferrand- MYP Year 2- Individuals and Societies

In I&S Year 2 we will spend our final quarter learning about the Civil War and the subsequent period of Reconstruction. We will focus on how events of the past affect the present and the future.

Learn more about my class by visiting website. CLICK HERE.

Mr. Rossiter- MYP Year 2 Math

This month we finished our summative from Q3 which involved students creating and playing their own mini golf course. Students had to stay within a budget, calculate the area of their composite figure as well as the perimeter.

We are looking forward to starting our new unit on statistics and probability.

Learn more by visiting my class website. CLICK HERE.

Laura Migas-Dance MYP Years 1-3

In my last couple weeks with MYP this year, we finished up work on our World Dance Unit and the students learned some Meringue.
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Washington D.C. Fundraising

We have reached our GOAL! Thanks to the support of our parents, community, and alumni, as well as the coordination efforts of Mrs. Tanya Larson and Mrs. Natalie Shedd, we have raised over $11, 000 dollars to fund our scholarships.

We are beginning fundraising for next year's trip NOW. Please consider making a donation in the Peirce Main Office. No amount is too small and every contribution gets us a little closer to our goal. Make checks payable to HELEN C. PEIRCE school of International Studies, and on the memo line, indicate "PEIRCE TRAVEL SCHOLARSHIP".

Helen C. Peirce School of International Studies

Kimberly Lebovitz - PYP Coordinator


Dr. Talyia Eve Riemer - Assistant Principal & MYP Coordinator