2.01 Graphics Formats

Jennah Badger, Brandon Miller, Jaylen Hairston, Joey White

What are GRAPHICS?

  • Anything on a page that is not actual text.
  • EX: Lines, Paintings etc.

What factors afect Graphic Format?

  • Color Depth
  • Compression (lossless/lossy)
  • Portability
  • Transparency

Graphic Formats

Color Depth:

  • The number of colors per pixel in an image
  • Different graphic formats contain different numbers of colors per pixel.


  • Refers to how an image is saved in order to reduce file size.
  • Lossless: reduces file size without losing any pixel data.
  • Lossy: Alters and/or eliminates some data.
  • The greater the compression, the lower the quality.


  • How easily a file can be opened, modified, and viewed on computers with different systems, software, and browsers.


  • Allows he background color of an image to be "eliminated" so the background behind an image can be seen, this can make some of the image appear to be "see-through."