Jaguar Journal

Week of February 11th

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Important Dates for the Week:

Love the Bus Week - Thank you to our bus drivers!

Monday, February 11th:

  • 3rd/K PLC
  • BEST Meeting after dismissal

Tuesday, February 12th:

  • DLT/PBIS Meetings after dismissal
  • PTA Board Meeting 5:30 - 6:30 in media center and 1st grade musical performance at 6:30 in MPR

Wednesday, February 13th:

  • 4th/1st PLC
  • MTSS at 11
  • Carla out at monthly principal meeting

Thursday, February 14th:

  • 5th/2nd PLC

Friday, February 15th:

Lucky Ducks!!! Will you be a lucky duck this week???

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Important Information/Updates:

Semester Conferences/Mid Year PDP's:

  • PDP's Mid Year Review should be complete by this Friday.
  • Click on PDP Mid Year Review and fill in the box that says Evidence of Progress towards specific standards. Please see Carla/Eddie if you have questions.
  • Semester Conferences will begin next week. The schedule will come out tomorrow.

School Leadership Team Notes - please talk to your Leadership Team member about questions you have.

All CCS Employees are expected to be trained in modules on School Security throughout the remainder of the school year. Our first training session will be offered next week and all employees must come to one of the following sessions. Please make plans to attend one of the following sessions:

  • Monday, February 18th from 1:30 - 2:30 in media center
  • Tuesday, February 19th at 1:30 in lunchroom (for classified staff that are unable to attend 2/18 session)
  • Tuesday, February 19th from 3:30 - 4:30 location TBA

North Chatham PTA has $8,143 to be used for STEAM education grants! We are now accepting grant applications to award STEAM grants for the classroom(s). Please complete the survey at the following link: STEAM PTA Teacher Grant

Technology Concerns: Your Digital Learning Team will be meeting Tuesday with Jeff Taylor regarding the technology in our building. Please talk as a team about technology concerns you have for THIS year AND how you would like technology distributed for NEXT year. Delia recommends all our touchscreen computers being in K-2 and our Mac Books be in 3-5. Jeff says this would change how we currently have our technology in the building. We'll also be talking about what imaging requirements are needed for MacBook Air devices for students and teachers. (What applications primarily). Finally, we will be discussing the county's "1 to 1 ratio" and what that means for Kindergarten and iPads. These decisions will impact the technology in your room for next year so if your DLT member can't attend please send another representative so your grade level's voice is heard.

Digital Learning Dayz: Digital Learning Days will occur February 25th - February 28th. Here is the county Digital Learning Dayz website with all the details on how to participate. The school with the highest percentage of participants this year will earn a technology prize worth $125/teacher or approximately $5000 for our school! If you have not submitted your ideas for what tech prize you would like NCE to compete for, please complete this survey by Tuesday morning. Your DLT team will choose the prize from this survey and submit our choice to Delia. During the Digital Learning Dayz, you will also have the opportunity to earn .3 or .5 technology CEUs! If you want to participate and/or earn CEUs, go to the website, click "participate" then click "choice board" and make a copy for yourself. The specific directions on how to use the choice boards and post your work to our school Padlet are liked in detail on that page as well. You will need time to plan and prepare for the choice board activities, so don't wait until the last minute to look at what you'll need to do. Mandy will be explaining the process to the DLT members on Tuesday, so feel free to ask you grade level rep or Mandy if you have any questions on how to participate and complete the choice board activities. Let's see if we can get 100% participation and earn that big prize!!

Consider completing a Positive Office Referral this week!

Car Duty

AM Car Duty: Avila, Parrish, K. Horton, Alvarez, E. Webster, B. Horton

PM Car Duty: Orchard-Hays, Rife de los Santos, Hamilton, Sistrunk, Woods, Rowland, DePietro, Maul

Please do not send out mass emails regarding other covering duty for you due to an absence/progressional development. We must have confirmed people out at car duty and we have been short several days due to no one answering the mass email and/or people not covering their duty. This is too important a time of day for us to hope someone sees the email and helps out. Please text a friend that doesn't have duty to switch with you and/or text Carla

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