Lincoln's Weekly Newsletter

(April 13-17)

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Principal's Post

Welcome to Week 4! We can do this!! As a working parent I too am trying to figure out how to do it all. Work, teach, referee, cook, breathe, and try to enjoy time with my sons and husband. We know that all parents and guardians are feeling the stress of trying to do it all, and I want to tell you what I'm trying to tell myself, "You cannot do it all. It is OK if every day isn't perfect. Sometimes a fantastic day does not involve a science experiment--or any science at all." I'm learning to be more flexible, give myself grace, and enjoy the time I've been given with my boys--even if they are bickering with each other. Remember that we are human, not perfect, and we are doing the best we can every day to create a positive experience for our children during this unpredictable time. We are in this together and we are all doing a great job! I truly believe that.

One of the main questions we are getting from parents is about the packets. Remember they are there to maintain skills, and keep grade level standards/expectations in the working part of the brain--not packed away in the "it is summer" part that shows up at the end of May. The best things that you can do is have your child do the daily portion of math, reading, and writing each day. Read, read, read with your child. Have your child read books, even if they have read them before, and encourage them to read to others. Call family on the phone and have your child read to them. Face time with a friend and read to each other. I have it on good authority that dogs and cats even love to be read to. If our Lincoln Lions can read a minimum of 20 minutes a day until we come back to school--whenever that is---we will be in good shape when we return!

There are lots of resources in this newsletter that we encourage you to use them to enhance what you are doing at home and extend your learning.

Have a great week and keep reading!

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Parent Survey - If you have not already completed, please do so.

Hello Lincoln Families! I hope all of you are healthy and making the best of your quarantined time. Lincoln Faculty and Staff are still working hard to make students have adequate resources for academic work as well as social interaction. Attached below you will find a brief survey asking for feedback about how we are doing during our school closure. Your feedback is very valuable and will inform our actions as we move forward. Please take a few moments to complete this survey in order to let us know how we are doing in supporting your student(s) and family. Thank you for your time and please reach out to me if I can be of assistance to your family. Thanks, again!

Resources on Lincoln's Web Page

We are using the Parent Forms/Resources page for resources parents can use during this time out of school. .Please use this link to get to our school's suggested resources:

Or you can get there by going to :

click on Parents

click on Parent Forms/Resources

We will continue to add resources as we become aware of them and if we think they are of good quality to share. We hope you find something there that you can use and enjoy!

KCS Food Distribution Program

Please click the following link for full details about the KCS feeding program. We encourage all families with children 18 and under to take advantage of this opportunity.

KCS Feeding Program

Playgrounds Closed

As we continue to work with and align with the city on safety decisions, please note that playgrounds will now be closed to the public, starting immediately.

At this time (based on information from the city), other outdoor spaces, such as tennis, tracks, and walking paths, have not been closed. If anything should change regarding this, we will let you know as soon as we are able.


All Tennessee families can sign up NOW for a free subscription to ReadyRosie through September 1.

Through a partnership with the Governor’s Early Literacy Foundation, families can access ReadyRosie’s Modeled Moments library. Hundreds of short videos available in both English and Spanish, provide families with simple, fun and engaging instructional activities that they can then replicate with their own children and are rooted in learning goals for children on topics such as literacy, early math, health and well-being. These videos help build upon the important work you all do in the classroom.

Parents can easily sign up to receive emails or text messages with curated videos:

Tennessee Dept. of Ed School Closure Toolkit: Families

This toolkit provides a number of resources that can be used to support at- home learning during periods of closure.

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Please know the Zoom sessions and any other digital/electronic resources are completely optional to utilize or participate. We understand families are a different kind of busy now, and we only want to be supportive, not add to any potential stress.

We did have a very successful week with our first interactive Zoom sessions. I am not sure who was more excited, the teachers or the students. I do know everyone was so happy to get connected again, either through zoom, classroom communications, email, pictures, etc. We know they did not run perfectly for everyone and will continue to work out the kinks along with you. We appreciate your patience as we are all learning together. Please know we are responding to each new safety measure recommended such as changing the meeting link each week, using a new password each time, and utilizing the waiting room to ensure we know who is entering the meeting.

Zoom Video Communications:

Here is the Zoom Privacy Policy:

Also, if you wish to try out Zoom for yourself

Zoom Tips:

  • Please help us be respectful of student privacy and do not post Zoom pictures to social media.
  • The Zoom links that you will receive from teachers are for the specific student only. Please do not share.
  • Our settings on Zoom are set to record the Zoom class session. However, we will NOT share these videos outside of our KCS network. We will not be able to share these videos with families or others in order to protect student privacy. I will not be able to join every class during Zoom sessions, but will look forward to watching sessions at a later time.
  • Students also have the ability to call in from a phone if they are unable to access Zoom from an internet-connected device.

Connecting with Mrs. Way and Mrs. Musick

Hey Lions! I am missing you all! I have included a link to a google document for Mrs. Musick and myself. Please fill it out just if you’d like to talk, do an activity with us, play a game, or just check in on how you have been doing. We are looking forward to hearing from you! Please look at the smore for updates and resources to assist you all during this time.

A note from Mrs. Way (School Counselor)

Hello Lincoln Families!

I hope you all are doing well and we continue to navigate and figure out what life looks like during these days. It is very important that you all continue to be a part of your Lincoln family. I got to attend many Zoom meetings last week, and I loved seeing all of you all! It brought joy to my week that I cannot explain. I am glad I get to experience you all during this time.

Please know that I am here for you all with whatever you may need. If your student needs to talk or check in, please email me or call 423-378-2360, and I will get back with you all. If you are on dojo, remind, or any other messaging services with teachers, reach out to them if you want to communicate and they can relay that information to me.

I have found a couple of resources that you all can do at home if you have dice or playdoh! I hope you enjoy these activities together. They are about emotions and allow you do check in on how your child is feeling during this time. Please reach out if you have any questions. Just know I am thinking of you all during this time!

Kristen Way, School Counselor

Thoughts from Third Grade

We are enjoying being able to see students through Zoom and/or chatting through text/phone calls. We miss each and every student and wish we could be together at school! Your child should have their packet to be working on at home-if they have questions please contact us through email, Class Dojo, or other ways your teacher may have offered.

Parents, please make sure you are checking Class Dojo and emails often; we are communicating through those and don’t want anyone left out.

Regularly scheduled Zoom times are as follows:

Taliaferro/Feldmann: Mondays at 6:30pm and Wednesdays at 2:00pm

Owens/Rivers: Mondays at 7:00pm and Wednesdays at 11:00am

Stay home, stay well! We miss you!

Ms. Taliaferro, Ms. Feldmann, Mrs. Rivers, and Ms. Owens

Links From the Library!

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Music Anyone?

This link has been added to Mr. Wallingford's music classroom website. Enjoy!

Virtual Music Activity!

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Lincoln Lion's Are

Respectful, Responsible, Trustworthy, and Safe

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