America Hiding Secrets

December 17, 1942

When Did America Really Know?

It is three months after we first heard about the public mass murders happening in Germany from the Nazi Party... Yet this is the first time there is any news about it! On November 24th, Wise held a press conference to announce that Nazi Germany was implementing a policy to annihilate the European Jews. Now as two weeks have passed on, America is now involving themselves will Great Britain, and ten other Allied Government and they have issued a declaration denouncing Nazi Germany's intention to murder the Jews. This warned Nazi Germany that they will be held responsible for these crimes.


As many of you are probably wondering, as I am too myself, why are we just now hearing legitimate word about these atrocities? Are these true and to what extent does this continue? Well I done my research for my loyal followers, and here's what ive found. The New York Times, our nation's leading newspaper, generally emphasizes the murder of the Jews in its news coverage. Many of you may have noticed, but when the Newspapers are addressing the violence in these nations, it may be a Head liner but there is not specific information until you search thought the paper, where you may see in tiny print in the corner the details of these events. They news paper significantly minimizing the importance of these articles by doing this. Also study's show that most Americans, unless searching for something with significant value, will not search though the pages of the Articles, hence the placement of these documents.
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