Secondary Math Resources

A compilation of a few of the thousands of available tools


Mental Math

This podcast is a collection of tricks and tips that help you to quickly use mental math to find solutions to problems ranging from division and multiplication to squaring and factoring.

A Brief History of Mathematics

This podcast delves into the background and history of mathematics as we know it today, studying famous mathematicians like Newton and Euler.

Brainingcamp Math

Brainingcamp brings you a resource that offers lessons, practice problems and real world applications of mathematics.

Math Dude

Host Jason Marshall explains math terms and principles in this podcast, hoping to simplify the math world for even the most anti-math learners.

Math Factor

This podcast is a more relaxed mathematical discussion that occurs each week. The content is based upon user submitted questions, comments and suggestions.


Why Math Instruction is Unnecessary

Math teacher John Bennett speaks at TEDx Manhattan Beach on why he thinks that requiring math at the secondary level is something he advises against. Very interesting at the least.
TEDxManhattanBeach - John Bennett - Why Math Instruction Is Unnecessary

The Euclidean Algorithm

This is a brief description of how to use Euclid's methods to find the greatest common divisor of two numbers. Could be helpful when first introducing the subject.
The Euclidean Algorithm (GCD or GCF)

Archimedes Principle

Math should be fun! This video is bound to get a laugh out of your students when you explain to them the Archimedes Principle that helps us define volume
How taking a bath led to Archimedes' principle - Mark Salata

A Review of Precalculus

This video can be used as a day one refresher for your Calculus students or as a self-check when you think you need a review yourself!
Calculus I - Lecture 01 - A Review of Pre-Calculus

Math Genius

Multiplication of two and three digit numbers can be difficult for some. The methods presented in this video can simplify things for those who need a visual representation.
Math genius!

Other Resources

That Tutor Guy

Math teachers just do not have enough time to perfectly teach each and every student. For those students who need a little extra help at home (because we all know their parents are unlikely to help them) this website is great!


Too much time is spent creating tests, quizzes and the like. This tool allows you to use thousands of pre-made quizzes as well as create and upload your own.


The days of PowerPoint have come and gone. It's Prezi's time to rule the lecture! Use simple animations, images and mapping to spice up your text.

Khan Academy

You don't have to pretend you know everything about math. You don't. Khan Academy is one of the easiest ways to re-teach yourself or learn something new.


Creating graphs is almost a weekly duty for secondary math educators. Cut down on time and stress with Chartle, a tool that allows for creation and embedding of graphs.


How often have you had to teach the same thing to 5 or more students after school, before school or during your study hall? Chirbit is an audio recording tool that could cut that to one lesson every time. Students who are absent or don't quite follow your lesson in class can listen to this lesson at home and hopefully catch up.


Flickr is an easy way to share photos of a class field trip, student projects or assist you with an online lesson.


Don't let your website get boring! Make sure students and parents find it interesting every time they visit by staying up to date with the coolest new widgets.

Math Worksheets Center

A massive compilation of worksheets in a number of different subjects, all at your fingertips.

Math Coaches Corner

This website features math games that your students who have completed their tasks could play in their free time.