All about me

by Marissa McGill

I am very creative.

I have made mini laptops from paper and and other materials.
I use other materials as well like printed pictures.
I enjoy doing it in my spare time or when I have a project.

I love to read books with animals in them.

I read books that have animals or mystical creatures.
One of the book series I am reading has cats in them.
Another one I am reading has dragons in it.

I play video games.

I have a wii, wiiU, 3ds, and a Dsi xl.
My favorite video game series is Pokemon.
I play my 3ds more than anything else.

I am writing a story.

It is a chapter book with parts in it, like the Wolves of the Beyond.
It has wolves and other creatures in it.
It also has a twist in the beginning.

My favorite animal is a wolf.

They are related to dogs in many ways.
They are in many book series and movies.
They hunt and are always in packs like dolphins