Early Learning News

December, 2015

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Oh the Possibilities...

So, what would you do with the above activity? Math? Science? Physical Development? As teachers, we constantly look for ways to allow students to interact socially as we are building upon their academic success! More importantly, these purposeful "activities" need to be fun!!! We want our students to come each day with an endless curiosity for what the day may hold. We owe that to them, and just like the business world, we are always looking for hooks that make them want to come back for more! :)

Kindergarten Readiness Updates

Individual Student Reports will be available for download this week. We will communicate with you in a separate e-mail the logistics of printing and sending those reports out to families. Although those individual reports are available, district and state data will not be shared until February or March.

Pre-K Tips for Parents

As we are continuously having conversations with parents regarding school readiness, below are some resources that could be included in a weekly/monthly newsletter for families regarding Kindergarten readiness.

Sesame Street Introduces a Character with Autism!

The video below is among a few videos and resources on the autism.sesamestreet.org web-site. Check out this great resource.

Pre-K Report Card

A google form was sent out to all Pre-K teachers in an effort to collect feedback surrounding the first implementation of the Pre-K report card. The feedback has been extremely valuable, and actually many of the comments were repetitive in nature. For those interested, we will meet as a group in the spring to make any appropriate adjustments that would be beneficial to the purpose of this reflection of our students' abilities.

Child Abuse and The Brain: The Developmental Impact of Trauma in Childhood

Thursday, April 14th 2016 at 8:30am

12601 National Pike

Grantsville, MD

Frank Kros, President of the Upside Down Organization will be the speaker. Cost of the event is $15.00.

To pre-register, contact Melanie Cooper at 301-334-4211 ext. 6419 or mcooper@garrettcac.org

PD for Child Care Providers

Our next PD session for Child Care Providers will be at CES from 7:00-8:00 on Dec. 9th. The topic will be family engagement. Please bring any activities that have worked well at your center and plan to collaboratively share with other agencies and providers. You can sign up using the link below or simply call or e-mail me.