Elementary School Teacher Career.

The pathway to the teacher career choice!

What does an Elementary school teacher do?

Elementary school teachers plan and teach lessons to their students. They prepare students for standardized test such, and most importantly they help them overcome challenges and obstacles they may have.

Career Connections

Daily tasks and responsibilities.

Everyday Elementary school teachers must grade and monitor his/her student's progress. They must enforce the classroom rules, and Help children evaluate their ability and weaknesses.
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What do you have to do in order to become an Elementary school teacher?

In order to achieve the profession of an Elementary school teacher you must earn a Bachelor's degree. It takes four years to obtain this degree in a university or college. After you obtain your bachelor's degree you must take a teacher preparation program where you are monitored in a classroom while you are teaching. (Student Teacher.) You must have a teaching license.

Preferred Job Skills for the job.

You should have certain qualities in order to become a teacher. One of the qualities should be creativity, you must engage your students in the things they're learning. If they aren't interested or amused they won't learn. Another skill is Patience. You must be prepared to teach in a classroom with the average of 25 young children. You must be patient and give them time to understand material. Lastly, you must have good communication skills not only are you talking in front of a crowd of students all day, but you must be able to talk to their guardians when needed!

Job outlook and Salary?

Where will this career be in 10 years? According to the government the career of education all together will rise up 12%!

The average salary of a kindergarten and elementary school teacher is 53,090 a year.

How will it be like working in a school?

You can work in a private school or public school. The workplace should be calm and positive. You have to be willing to work in a large classroom with a variety of children or a smaller classroom with limited numbers of kids. Schools should provide daily tools such as books, computers, but some may lack these types of tools.

High school preparation

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What can you do In high school to get started?

In high school there are certain courses that correspond to the career of being a teacher. You can start off taking the course of Child and Human development classes where they teach you the basics of young children. After you have taken that course or courses you can sign up for TASTE OF TEACHING where you attend a grade school and teach younger kids with the supervision of the teacher.

Extra curricular activities you can join that will get you a glimpse of the future are Peer leaders and Freshman tutoring club. Peer leaders is a club where you learn skill on helping other people your age (peers), you practically act as their counselor. Freshman tutoring club is a club where you help freshman get on track with their studies.

Outside of school you can volunteer or work to gain experience on this career. You can volunteer and possibly work in a daycare center or preschool. Here you can learn how the job would be look, and skills for the job such as patience.


What is a reference and why are they important?

A reference is a person who can mention you and help you gain something positive. They're important and play a big part in careers. They're important because it shows future employers that you've done a good job, and other people approve of you and think highly of you.

My references?

Some of my references would be My Middle school counselor, and my math teacher from 8th grade. These would be my references because both of them have seen my growth. My counselor has seen me grow for 3 years, and knows me well enough. My math teacher from 8th grade has seen me be a leader in my class, and has appointed me to help other students.

Post Secondary Plans


  • University of Minnesota
  • Ohio University
  • Michigan State University.

I chose these colleges, because they're known for having one of the best education departments