Vandalism or Art


When most people think of graffiti they think vandalism. The destruction of property by spray painting, or scribbling on property that is not yours without aurthorization. This is against the law and if you get caught doing graffiti you could end up in jail.


Graffiti can be art. Some graffiti is used not to destroy someones property but to send out a message. People use graffiti as a way of self expression and voiceing their opinions. Some property owners give premission to graffiti their property because they want some art added to their property like shown in the pictures below...


In my opinion it depends on how you use graffiti or if you have permission to use it determine if it's vandalism or art. If you get someones permission to draw on their property then it is okay to use graffiti as long as you aren't putting a negative message out their. I wanted to do this project on graffiti because people don't see graffiti as much of an issue until their own property gets vandalized. I see different types of graffiti around my neighborhood everyday. I see graffiti that is proudly shown and graffiti that has been painted over to cover up gang related messages