Travis Pastrana

Travis is the best dirtbike rider in the world!!!!!

Young Travis

Travis Pastrana was born October 8th,1983.He was born in Annapolis Marryland U.S.A. Travis has one child.He is married to Lyn-z Adams Hawkins.He has been married to her since October 29 2011.Travis bought him a dirtbike at age 6.He was a daredevil.Anything you tell him to do he would do it.With no fear on a dirtbike he became a famous dirtbike rider as a teen!!!!!!!!!!!!

G0 199

Travis Pastrana is a crazy wild motorized vehicle driver/rider.If you have thought of it he has done it.He has gone from a tricycle backflip to jumping a rocket buss jumping into a lake in the same day!He has does so many wild/crazy things in his backyard you cant even name all of them.He would probably not even be able to name all of the things he has done in his own backyard!!

Guarenteed to have fun but not guarenteed to be ok at the end!!!!!!

Bone crunchin dirtbike runnin

Travis Pastrana has had many inguries with his crew. Travis has mostly hurt him self in his own backyard!Travis has had over 25 concussions. he has had over 30 broken bones.he has had 8 surgeries one on his left knee.5 on his right.Many bumps and bruses.Travis Pastrana has had over 100 stiches.Travis is one of my favorite dirtbike riders in the world!!!!!!

Don't give up

Travis Pastrana has now gave up dirtbiking and started rally cross.Rally cross is racing rally cars.Witch are cars set up to race in rocky muddy slippery turrain and you hit jumps etc.That is travis'es new disipline.He has already won over 11 nationals and counting.Travis is really fast and really good at what he does.You would not want to race him in or on any motorized vehicle or on any one!!!!!!!!!

Another sport!!!!!

Travis Pastrana has actually just signed a Nascar deal and is heading out to start Nascar soon!Travis is partisipaiting in so many events that it is probably a record!Travis has broken a record for how many records he has done!!!
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Travis end

And that is my Smore project Tank you for listening to my Smore on Travis Pastrana!!!!!!!!!