After the Revolutionary War


They payed other states debt for them. So they could get more money by spending money. It was better to stay away from debt in there own state. The greater the debt more the credit.

Creation of National Bank

People went to banks to put their savings in there. They also went and took money out. The people wanted a safe place to keep their money, so it was easier to create a place.

George Washington, Alexander Hamilton

French Revolution

Charles C. Pinkeye and 3 other Americans met with the repetitiveness of the French Revolution. They wanted a bribe but we declined it. We went in to war called X, Y, Z

Power of the National Government

Both National Governments and Governments shared the power. They collected tax, borrow money, built courts.

Alien and Sedition Acts

Federalist passed the Alien and Sedition Acts signed to silence and weaken the Democratic Republican part and silence all newspapers.

War with Britain in 1812

They forced Americans to side with the British when they got off the ships. So John C. Calm was elected Congress declared war on Britain.

Who were the National Leaders

Thomas Jefferson and James Madison.


Got Bill of Rights?
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