Transforming Blah into Wahhh!

Discover what is meant by "direct" and "indirect" speech

Part A -- Find a paragraph in Hunger Games or in another book which contains many quotation marks (representing what people say) and rewrite it in large print on a piece of posterboard paper.

However, do not write any puctuation, such as periods, commas, or quotation marks, and don't include any capital letters.

Once you are finished, you can give your poster paper to a partner, who will correct the mistakes on your poster paper and then rewrite the paragraph on a separate piece of paper in beautiful form.

Part B -- Obtain a poster board from a partner, which contains no punctuation or capitalized letters, learn the rules for direct and indirect speech online, and then fix your patners paragraph. First, write their paragraph using direct speech and, afterward, write the same paragraph using indirect speech (also known as "reported speech").

Using your most professional handwriting, draw both of your paragraphs (one written in direct speech and the other in indirect/reported speech) either on a page in your writing binder or on a separate piece of paper. Then, add a few colorful comic strip drawings before submitting your work to your teacher.