Causes of the American Revolution


Townshed Acts

The Townshed Acts happened in 1767. What the Townshed Acts were when the colonists had to pay taxes on tea, glass, and paper. Then again the colonists boycotted British goods. The Daughters of Liberty which were groups of women created their own clothes so that they wouldn't have to pay for British cloths. In 1770 the protesting worked and repealed most of the taxes, but the parliament left the taxes on tea because they still wanted the people to know that the British still has the power to taxe things. There was still anger growing to the British government. Now the Sons of Liberty are in protest to the violent attackings of the homes of the British official and colonial taxs collectors. Then more British troops went to go protect the officials.

Boston Massacre

The Boston Massacre happened on March 5, 1770. On that day tension and anger was growing and growing, so Britain sent in more troops when the colonists didn't want to pay the taxes. Then when a crowd gathered with angry colonists that were arguing with the British soldiers. The the colonists took it to the next step by calling the soldiers insulting names and throwing snowballs. After that even more soldiers came. Which that of course made the colonists even more mad and created a bigger crowed. Then all of a sudden a gun shot was fired then there were multiple were started to leaving 5 men dead. Samuel Adams and a few other colonist took advantage of the incident as propaganda. Samuel Adams shared his news and ideas with the colonist in the incident to the Committees of Correspondence. John Adams wanted to represent the