Town of Sunnyvale - Feb. 17, 2021

Road conditions

We are encouraging all of our residents to stay home if at all possible. Roads throughout town including Highway 80 are extremely slick.

As of 10:45 a.m., Wednesday, Feb. 17, South Belt Line Road, north of Barnes Bridge Road is currently impassable. Mesquite PD has the road closed at Northwest Drive.

If you must get out on the roads, please drive slow and safe, and allow plenty of room in between yourself and others on the road.

Warming center

c|Life Church is open on Wednesday, Feb. 17 to serve as a warming center. The center will be open throughout the day and night. Please consider this option if you are in need of a warm place to go.

  • Masks are required.
  • Please bring any supplies that you may need as only chairs and a warm room will be provided.
  • Sorry, no pets are permitted.

c|Life Church

Sunnyvale Campus

610 Hwy. 80 East.

Sunnyvale, TX 75182


For other warming center locations, please dial 2-1-1

Public Works

There is no active issue with the water supply to our Town at this time.

If you are experiencing issues with your water, it is likely that your pipes have frozen. Please keep an eye out for leaks as the temperature begins to warm up.

If your water is actively leaking, please call the Public Works emergency number as soon as possible. Staff will come by to turn your water off to prevent any further damage the leak may cause.

Many homes have a master valve in the garage or in the front yard. Please try to identify this valve before there is an emergency so that you are prepared to turn it off yourself.

Public Works - Emergency

(972) 251-0567

Oncor Emergency Update

There continues to be a lack of available generation, and as a result, controlled outages remain in place as directed by ERCOT. Due to lowered power demand overnight, Oncor and other utilities were able to restore some of the previously dropped power load and increase our capability to rotate some outages throughout the territory. Even with this increased capability, we still have many customers who continue to experience extended outages. We continue to strive toward providing any temporary relief that we can for those who have been without power the longest as soon as enough generation is available. However, as we saw yesterday, low temperatures of the early morning and increased power demand may result in direction from ERCOT to once again reduce additional load. We will continue to take their direction as we focus on ensuring the integrity of the electric grid.

The second winter storm is also continuing to move through our service territory, potentially resulting in multiple inches of snow, significant ice and sleet accumulation. While weather impacts are ongoing, personnel and out of state mutual assistance contractors were staged across the territory before the storm and are now actively engaged in restoration efforts. These personnel are well experienced in working in extreme weather conditions and will be working around the clock to assess damages, clear debris and repair damaged equipment.

READ: Full Emergency Update

Tips to stay warm

  • Dress in layers.
  • Isolate to a small room with the least amount of windows.
  • Shut all window coverings such as blinds, curtains, and drapes.
  • If your home has an electric fireplace, look for a battery alternative.
  • If you have a gas water heater in your home, fill up a bathtub with warm water to knock the edge off of the cold in adjacent rooms.
  • Stuff towels under door cracks.
  • Eat and drink to warm the body.
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