Staff Update: October 10th

Nuevas Fronteras and Crestview Elementary


  • A HUGE thank-you to all staff for all of the extra time and energy you have put into conference preparation for this week and next!
  • YUM, yummy, and yummiest thanks to the Crestview Catering Coordinator (aka Sandy Pugh) and the NFSI PTSO for arranging to feed us on conference nights. Sincerely appreciated!
  • Many staff and students wish to thank Paula Monson and her 4th grade class for teaching other classes/students about iPads, Apps, and Educreations! How cool!
  • Muchas gracias to Erin Retelle and Amanda Jensen, for helping on the interview team for their maternity leaves.
  • Way-to-go, @S_Pugh and all of you who have ventured onto Twitter, even with an uncooperative network. You are amazing professionals!
  • Kudos to Tracy Iaria for another awesome week of bullying prevention! Have you seen the posters in the hallways? Check them out!!!


Tuesday, Oct. 8 was the District Cross Country Meet (1.5 miles) at Bailey. There were 4 divisions: 3-4 grades (boys & girls); 5-6 grades (boys & girls). We had 25 participants from both schools who ran in the race. The following students placed in their divisions and deserve a shout out!

3/4 Grade Girls Division

• Annika Melader (4th Grade NF) placed 4th overall with a time of 10min. 29 sec

Taylar Nadlar (3rd grade CRV) placed 8th overall with a time of 10 min. 42 sec

3/4 Grade Boys Division

• Joe Mahoney (4th Grade NF) placed 2nd overall with a time of 9 min 12 sec

5/6 Grade Boys Division

• Enrique Rios (5t Grade NF) placed 5th overall with a time of 9 min 34 sec.

Know of other staff/students who have done something great? (or even just kind of cool?) Please send a note to Tina so we can celebrate them here!

Run and Walk Against Bullying: 3pm Wednesday, Oct. 16

Crestview staff and students are invited to stay after school and participate in this fun walk/run against bullying, while NFSI students will take part at the end of their school day. Please see Tracy Iaria or Katie Raso with more details. Permission will be needed for Crestview students to participate.

Family Skate Night at Wooddale Fun Zone

Monday, Oct. 14th, 6-8pm

2122 Wooddale Drive

Woodbury, MN

Admission is $1. Skate and Roller-blades from home are allowed at the skating rink. You may rent skates for $3 or blades for $4. Tina promises to make a complete fool of herself rolling and grooving to 80's tunes- don't miss it!

YPP Update

Great News! YPP is available on the iPads! In order to make this convenient for all students, they need to type in the following URL into the safari bar using the safari icon.

Once they have the page pulled up, they need to either bookmark it or add it to their home screen. The home screen is probably the easiest in order to give the students a visual for where YPP is. Students are able to take their assessment or exercises on the iPad. This will allow for flexibility of YPP on what days you do it, as well as what times. Lori Wamstad has taken the names off of the lab sign-up sheets to allow for others to be using it, including Nuevas Fronteras. If you would still like to use the lab you will need to walk down and sign up your class or talk to Lori Wamstad about getting a consistent time.

Please see Elizabeth Sampson for any issues or problems, or if you need technology support see Tammy Wilson...

Stepping into the Future

Your very best

Crestview Elementary and Nuevas Fronteras Spanish Immersion




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