A job where you never go hungry

What is a Critic?

The Critic is the person who you read about in newspapers and magazines about food establishments either promoting or demoting that place.

Necessary job characteristics and requirements

  1. A love to eat 2. A willingness to try almost anything 3. A good writer 4. knowledge of food preparation and vocabulary 5. A good public presence and speaker 6. A dislike to show your face and become known 7. A dislike for favoritism 8. time management and stress handling skills
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Education Needed

Degree level- Bachelors Field- English, Communication, Journalism, or liberal arts. SEVERAL YEARS OF JOUNALISM EXSPERINCE NEEDED. Skills- Strong Written communication, creativity, critical thinking, online publishing and social media software

Work Envirement & Salary


Fulltime - 35,000 average

Work Envirement

- Low risk - Majority of work is from home - although low risk there is always the safety risk of the restaurants they are reviewing -lots of traveling though out a city
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