VCR Lesson Presentation 7

Natalie-Rose Ross

Fill in the Blank with the Most Appropriate Word From Lesson 7

The _____________ in 1542 questioned and severely punished those who would spread rumors and heresy about the Roman Catholic church.
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And the Word is...



1. A prolonged inquiry or questioning, especially a harsh investigation on religious or political issues.

2. (capitalized) The special court of the Roman Catholic church in the Middle Ages to combat, suppress, and punish heresy, i.e., any belief varying from orthodox doctrine.


First Definition:

Interrogation, Inquiry, Cross-Examination, Investigation, Trial

Second Definition:

No exact synonyms, refer to those of the first definition. Close synonyms could be: Suppress, Punish, Harsh Questioning


First Definition:

Solution, Accommodation, Uninterested

Second Definition:

No exact antonyms, refer to those of the first definition. Close synonyms could be: Reward

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Other Forms of Inquisition

Inquisitive, adj.

Inquisitor, n.

Inquisitorial, adj.

Inquisitional, adj.

Realistic Examples?

The Spanish Inquisition was a lengthy trial conducted by inquisitors appointed by the church to seek out those who did not follow their same religion (i.e. Muslims, Jews) and conduct trials, usually ending in torture and being burned at the stake.

The Roman Inquisition had priests and other church members find non-believers who they believed were working against the church or with the devil and punish them.

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Inquisition's Roots

Inquisition originated from Middle English with inquisicioun and Anglo-French with inquisito in the 14th century.

Roots include:

Quaero, Quaerere, Quaesivi, Quaesitum <L. "to seek" "to search for"

Choose the Sentence in Which INQUISITION is Used Incorrectly

a. The inquisitive girl who sits next to me in Chemistry hasn't opened her mouth all semester.

b. Sally attempted to escape her mother's daily inquisition by running up to her room before she had time to ask her about her schoolwork.

c. After being arrested for a drug charge, the criminal endured heavy inquisition in attempts to find his supplier.

d. The Spanish Inquisition resulted in a suspected death toll of anywhere from 3,000 to 10,000 people.

The Correct Answer is A

If the girl was inquisitive, she would have constantly been asking questions, not staying silent for a semester. A better word that would correctly fit the sentence would be introverted.