by nick cioffi

Definition of perseverance

perseverance means that you never give up despite the adversity's. It is a great trait to have because if you have it you can get through tough times.It means to not be overwhelmed by the challenge. It is what makes great people.

the lady jags

While not being the best basketball team these girls had a successful season.These girls from Carroll County Tennessee have were causes of failure there whole life. They have been abused, done drugs, alcohol, parents have been in jail, And very poor. Despite not having a good childhood The lady jags who had a 212 game losing streak had some valuable lessons playing basketball and being part of a family.The effectis that Their coaches worked hard and taught them important lessons not to be good at basketball but to be good in the game of life.

kid president

Robby Novak is best known as kid president .He is an happy and motivational kid.Robby has condition that is he has a life-long chronic condition called osteogenesis. Osteogenesis is a rare bone disease that makes your bones weak and they break easier.Robby has endured over 70 broken bones and has had to watch his sister go threw the same thing,to solve these adversities, he remains always trying to help people and give advice.Robby had showed perseverance many times but here is just one big times he did.When Robby has broken many bones and still tries to help other people and is always staying happy.One quote that Robby said is ‘’treat everybody like it is their birthday’’ What he means by that is to treat everyone nice so we can all get along and be friends.

jackie robinson

Branch rickey who was the manager of the Brooklyn Dodgers in 1947 had an idea to help end segregation. His idea was to bring the mlb their first African American player.This was a hard move because almost everyone did not like black people at the time.But despite the adversities Branch was able to do it and started looking for a player and came across Jackie. Jackie was a great young player who would do almost anything to break the color barrier. When jackie started playing he got a lot of hate for being black.Despite the difficulties he had faced eventually he played great and paved the way for black baseball players.

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To conclude this i think that all of these stories show great examples of perseverance. They had adversity's and over came them. Perseverance is a word that you live by, that creates who you are as an individual. All of these people were fascinated by the fact that no matter how much you fail you have another chance. They had perseverance.