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Scientific name&population

scientific name:Acinonyx

Population:8,500 cheetahs.

Physical features that a cheetah has.

1.Black round or oval spots on yellow or tan fur.

2.4-6 black ring's and white tuft.

3.Weight about 36 to 64 kgs.

Adaptations a cheetah has to make it survive.

1.Sharp claws to hunt gazelles hare, wildbeest.

2.Have manes for they can protect them salves.

3.Have a tear line for there eyes.

Compare and contrast this animal to a mouse.

Cheetahs are almost extinct and mouses are not. Cheetahs are more faster than mouses. Mouses eat cheese and cheetahs are carnivore

Animal can be found in??

Cheetahs can be found in Africa, Asia, and earoupe.

What biome this animal lives in ???

The cheetah live in grassland because they like to be alone and have a quiet place to live in.

Where does a cheetah sleeps ???

Cheetahs sleep in there own habitat, but they sleep alert so they won't be someone else's prey.

What does this animal eat???

Cheetahs favorite food is gazelles wildbeest hare. That is there prey.
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How many Cubs does a cheetah have??

A mother cheetah has about 3-5 cubs every 5 months.

How long does a mother cheetah Carry her cubs?

Female cheetahs carry their baby's every 90-95 days a year.

How many Cubs does a female cheetah usually has?

A female cheetah has only 5 cubs every 4-5 months a year.

How big are babies when they are born?

5.25-10.5oz that's how much they weight.

Do this babies have a special name??

No, baby cheetahs don't have a special name people call baby cheetahs " cubs".

How long do babies stay with their mom??

Cheetah cubs stay with her mom for about 3-4 months.


1.Can run up to 70mph (or 110kph)

2.Cheethas have tear lines.

3.Cheetahs favorite foods are gazelles.

4.There are less than 10,000 cheetahs left.

5.Long muscular tail.

6.Have Siminon-retractable claws.

7.have,spotted skin

8.Have 3-5cubs

9.Cheetahs have mantles.

10.They can almost fly.


My animal is endangered because there less than eight thousand cheetahs left o e day the, we be extinct many other animals get hunted by them.
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