Typographic Portrait

Using typography to represent image and personal beliefs


  • Portrait must include a variety of of media: newspaper, magazine, markers, watercolors
  • At least 10 words must reflect artist's personal feelings/beliefs
  • Technical skill is required, loose edges should be glued down, nothing overhangs the edge of the paper
  • Portrait should be recognizable as a person - even better if it looks like the artist


Create a self portrait using a variety of text, handwriting, and individual letters to express personal beliefs and image.

Materials Needed

12"x18" Sketch Paper
Watercolor Paint, Brushes


  1. Glue a piece of newsprint roughly in the center of page

  2. Sketch out facial features

  3. Begin cutting out words, letters, patterns that represent their personalities

  4. Use these cut outs to begin forming features and hair

  5. Keep adding to make a strong visual display - can be colorful or muted as the artist chooses

  6. Use markers as desired to add detail and hand lettering

  7. When finished gluing students have the option to lightly apply watercolors to add color, interest, and shading

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