When will it stop?!

What is bullying?

Bllying is my topic. Bullying is where a person is very aggressive with another constantly and can be physical time to time. But bullying is really like everyday not just once every 2 months. normally the people that try to help those that are being bullied are not telling other people. So no one can help them when they need it.

Who does bullying affect?

Bullying can effect everyone in ways that they have not seen before. So if you are very nice to most people and this group of guys are bullying you and you get very angry at them. Then next thing you know you know you have been hitting them.

Should there be a monument?

People all around the world are being bullied. When someone has stood up for you when being bullied you would want to remember that person. You would want to have a symbol reminding you of the act that they did. So why not make a monument for the people that have been bullied and for the people that have stood up for those that where bullied.

Where is this going to be placed?

the monument should be placed in a place where people will pass by it every day. where mainly kids will see it and where teachers and adults can see it to. a place where people that have been bullied can remember the person that helped you. The best place for this monument will be by the schools where there is not that much money and not a lot of big houses. why there of all places because most people that are being bullied will realize that the monument is not about being bullied it is about that 1 person that helped you with being bullied or even that one person that will help you get out of being bullied. this is going to be at 407 N 77th Suns, Harlingen, TX 78550. Known at Stuart Place elementary.

My Goal

My goal is to make sure that the people of the towns, the cites, and ever person that has been bullied knows what this monument resembles. I want to make sure that every person knows that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. there is a person to help you through the hard times it may not be a teacher or an adult. It could even be the new kid at school.
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