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the way it started

How to start a garden.

step 1 Get plants then put your plants into the ground. then water your plants after you water your plants you put in the roots and seeds. Then you let your plants grow till you get new ones you also need do not forget to water your plants because they will die if you don't water your plants after awhile.

step 2 Tack good care of your plants put in dirt soil so it would grow. Mack a garden any type works some people just use seeds fertilizer so it would grow.

step 3 Final step let your garden grow don't use to much of everything. Also you can show your garden to the people keep working on your garden so it would be a success. and thats how you Mack a garden and prepare it.

"Dear Marco"

Losing Parents

Dear Marco,

i,m having trouble dealing my parents death caused by a fire. When ever i thank about them it brings the memories of depression. i really miss them Lonnie i live at my grandparents house. It fells like yesterday they passed away i wish it would of never happen. Because i will probably never get over this can i please have help to get over this.



Dear Lonnie

Lonnie you have to get over it be strong about it. Its in the past this is the future

remember its not your fault. And don't Mack it get in your head. At least you still live with

family. I'm also going what your going threw my dad passed away in a car crash.

Sure its hard to get over it you need to move on.

Your parinths are still with you.



the Hospital Visit

Monday, March 16th, 9pm

The Hospital

Please visit my grandma in hospital her number. Is 999- 777- 666 grandma rules.com 9-10-11 Please visit my grandma she had a injury accident. At the hospital near my house.