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Atomic number of 45


Rhodium is a silver metal and it boiling point is 4,500 degrees celcius and a melting point of 1,966 degrees celcius.

its a element that reactes with every other element ecxept florine

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Rhodium is great why wouldn't you buy it. It is a rare silver metal and it a member of the platinum group. It is used in the sparkplug that are in motorized vehicle. It can react with almost anything so you will never be let down

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Every piece of rhodium comes with a name so you can connect with it and make it your friend

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Rhodium can be used in many ways. it will repair your jewelry to make it looking new. it can be a thin sheet of metal or in a block form. 103Rhodium. The most stable radioisotopes are 101Rhodium with a half-life of 3.3 years,102Rhodium with a half-life of 207 days.