For Future 6th Graders

This is to help you get through sixth grade

Dear Future 6th graders

Hello,I'm a 6th grader I'm here to help you to get through sixth grade.Its a big step and getting the hang of things is hard.That's why I'm here to give you some tips.You don't have to worry if you don't get it the teachers are here to help.I'm sure you can make it but if your worried then read this as I said coming from 5th grade can be scary with all these new hallways and teachers friends classes things can get a bit scary.

Tips for the first day

Okay so first day is all ways scary no matter what new places to see.So here are some tips to make it through

1:Get plenty of rest.

2:Have your stuff prepared

3:Eat healthy

4:Greet your teachers in a nice calm manner

5:If lost in a hall way there are teachers around to help you.

Those are some tips to survive the first day

Chromebook care

Thank you

Welcome to 6th grade

That's it and have a wonder future year

Grow wiser

If you don't turn in your work,then you need to grow wiser.
Hickory Hills Preparation