The Surgery is Not Necessary

It is not good to try to be someone you are not. Not only is it bad, it's hard. You won't be the same anymore, the person we knew before wouldn't be the same. If you get the surgery than you wouldn't be as happy as you are now.

Why Not?

Getting the surgery is a bad idea because you may become a genius, but it will not last forever. After time runs out you will regress and you won't remember much that you learned. You would also get attached to others that won't be able to be with you.

Be Happy

You would be a much happier person with no surgery. You would have people to support you. Changing yourself could be one of the worst decisions of your life. Everybody likes you the way you are, only the people that don't like you should be the people that change.

Stress Free

Being stressed is a painful thing to deal with and it is bad. If you get this surgery, you will be overwhelmed with it. You will get feelings that you usually don't have towards other people. Stress can cause you to isolate yourself from everybody else, and nobody wants that.
If you get this surgery, you will not be the same anymore and you won't be as happy. It is not a good idea to get the surgery, everybody likes you the way you are. Nobody can change who you are except you, but nobody wants you to change because of what could happen to you.