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June 2022

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Message from Superintendent Clenchy

Welcome to the end of the school year!

Summer is literally days away, and we have successfully put the finishing touches on the last things necessary in each of our schools as they wind down the year.

Congratulations to our Nauset Graduating Class of 2022! What an amazing graduation to be a part of. We wish all of our graduates the very best as they move into the next phase of their lives beyond public schools. Their collective potential is limitless and we are excited to see what they will do and where they will go next.

This is always a time of year for change, and at times it might appear to be unsettling. However, this is a natural course of business within education as Principals prepare their buildings and staff for the new school year.

You will, of course, see staffing changes in the new school year at the administrative level. We are pleased to announce that Karen McGrath and HoYin Yuen will be joining Patrick Clark (our newly assigned NRHS Principal) as Assistant Principals. They will create a new, dynamic triumvirate administrative team at Nauset Regional High School, and we look forward to the experience and enthusiasm that they will bring to these new roles.

We have begun a full-fledged search for both the Principal and Assistant Principal roles at Nauset Regional Middle School. The postings are advertised and the hiring teams will be put into place shortly. You will see a notification go out soon regarding potential, active involvement with these teams from Joanna Hughes, our Director of Human Resources.

There will be several Professional Development opportunities this summer for staff, so please stay tuned for additional information to be disseminated.

Finally, we are planning on sending out a special edition of our newsletter later this month that will have a sole focus on school safety and security.

As we move through the month of June, we look forward to the longer days, warmer temperatures, and ample time to connect with friends and family. I hope that you all enjoy this incredible month!

THANK YOU and CONGRATULATIONS to all Nauset Public Schools Retirees!

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Nauset Administration

Eileen Belastock

Eastham Elementary School

Erica Peno, Kimberly Ames, Jill Weber, Donna Martin-Langtry

Eddy Elementary School

Robin Hacking-Davis, Cindy Eldredge, Carol Rubin

Nauset Regional High School

Bonnie Bartolini-Trott, Mae Timmons, Dorothea Smith, Judy Hamer, Katharine Tupper, Kathleen MacDonald, Gerold Gordon, Mark Mathison, Betsy LeBow, Jane McGown

Nauset Regional Middle School

Anthony Chapman, Jan Carlson, Pamela Howell

Orleans Elementary School

Karen Staruck, Elaine Cyr

Stony Brook Elementary School

Kelly Barnatchez

Wellfleet Elementary School

Lee Miller

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Technology Department Update from the Director of Curriculum, Instruction & Assessment: Dr. Robin Millen

Nauset Public Schools are excited to announce a new configuration of our districts’ technology department.

Earlier this year, Director of Technology, Eileen Belastock, announced that she would be retiring this school year. Based on this retirement, an interview committee consisting of teachers, building and district administrators, and community members was formed, and an employment posting was published broadly. The interview committee selected three candidates from a pool of nine applicants and conducted interviews with these candidates. However, no candidates were considered to be qualified for the second round of the process from this candidate pool.

Also earlier this year, the Superintendent of Schools, Brooke Clenchy, shifted the technology department under the direction of the Director of Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment’s office. Director Dr. Millen was briefed by the Director of Human Resources, Joanna Hughes, about the interview process and that the committee did not find a candidate that met the high expectations for the role. At that time, a step back was taken, and upon reflection of roles and staffing that already existed internally, it was decided that the department would be reconfigured and that a shared leadership team would be created with existing employees in these new roles. New titles were developed to differentiate pre-existing roles and to provide these employees titles that would convey leadership and decision-making authority to vendors, faculty, and the community.

New Roles and Responsibilities:

Chief Technology Officer: Ms. Mackenzie Yarletts

Chief Network Officer: Mr. Ralf Kremer

These two new roles will share responsibilities also with an existing role, the Director of Integration Technology, Ms. Kristen Callahan.

Chief Network Officer Kremer's Message to NPS:

German born, I studied Biotechnology at the Technical University Berlin.

There I developed a strong interest in information technology and its applications.

After graduating, I lived in Costa Rica for 5 years, surfing and working with early 3D photo imagery for companies adapting their websites with visual walk through tools for clients.

I married my wife in 2006, and moved to Cape Cod via New York City in 2008.

During those first couple of years on the Cape, I was employed by a local IT service company, where I became a specialist in computer networks. In 2010, I launched my own IT service business, focusing on network design and implementing systems for businesses and municipal institutions, including Nauset Regional Middle School, specifically.

In 2013, I was offered a full time position to work for the Nauset School district as a Systems and Network Administrator. In my ten years at Nauset, I have completed several large scale projects, including the regionalization of the district’s eight separate networks into one central network, managed the deployment of multiple VOIP systems, and implemented a broad scope virtualization of the District’s servers, as well as transitioned the district middle and high school to a one to one student device roll out, amongst many other duties.. The benefit of all of this is seen in a reduction of costs, improvement of system stability, and an increase in the day to day general device performance for students and staff.

Now, in my tenth year at Nauset, I am excited about the opportunity as Chief Network Officer, to further support Nauset’s goal of integrating innovative technology in meaningful ways that help support and build students' academic skills as well as fostering success for the overall district community.

Chief Technology Officer Yarletts' Message to NPS:

My interest in technology was influenced by my father, who was a Master Electrician and had a love of new tech gadgets. Born and raised on Cape Cod, I returned to my roots after earning a BSBA in Management Information Systems from Northeastern University and working in IT roles for companies such as Gillette, Intrinsix, and Harry Miller Company. Hired by Nauset in 2013, I provided IT support during the beginning stages of the district’s rapid technology growth. Since then, my contributions have helped design and implement the ever-expanding network, computer, and mobile device installation. As Systems and MDM Administrator, I have become a mentor and leader of Nauset’s IT department overseeing the support and management of technology and assisting in strategy development and planning for software, systems, and infrastructure growth.

I am excited to continue my career at Nauset as Chief Technology Officer. I will use my passion paired with over twenty years of IT knowledge, skills, and experience to increase the district’s overall technology efficiency, effectiveness, and adaptation. I am determined to innovate Nauset’s current systems and technology to enhance learning and increase student engagement in ways that challenge them to higher levels of thinking and prepare them for the workforce.

Technology Integration Director Callahan's Message to NPS:

As a student at Hamilton College and while earning an M.Ed at Harvard's Graduate School of Education, my coursework focused on innovative approaches to education and ways to leverage technology to improve teaching practices and student learning outcomes. After Graduate school, I worked for Google as part of a 7 person leadership team responsible for launching and growing Google's new Boston location where I recruited, trained, and developed multiple cross-functional teams across Sales, Engineering, and Operations. Other than a short stint in the business world, I have worked for over 20 years as an educator and administrator in various public and private schools. Prior to joining the Nauset Public Schools, I worked as a science and STEAM educator K-12, a Science Department head, a Middle School Principal, and a Director of Technology, Innovation, and Education. Now as Nauset's Director of Technology Integration, I am responsible for integrating technology to improve student learning across all of the Nauset Public Schools. I love to collaborate with the dedicated technology teachers, tech integration specialists, as well as grade level and content area teachers. At home, I enjoy spending time outside with my 4th Grade daughter, Maisie, and our red fox lab puppy. My experience playing three sports through college taught me the value of collaboration and working towards a common vision. It is this team approach that I seek to bring to the Nauset Public Schools and my work with MacKenzie and Ralf.

Nauset High School Building Project Update from Educational Liaisons: Tom Faris & Kathleen Tringale

As we approach the end of the academic year, Nauset High School will begin to see some important changes this summer. As we have stated in earlier updates, Nauset Regional Schools has agreed to purchase more than 30 modular trailers from the town of Lincoln, MA. These trailers are currently in use by the Lincoln/Sudbury school system for a building project they are completing. These trailers will be prepared to be relocated in August to be anchored on the back side of the Nauset High School campus (think of 30+ trailers crossing the Cape Cod Canal in summer!). Once assembled and connected, these trailers will make up a temporary academic and administrative wing of the high school during the two first phases of construction.

Planned for early fall, other changes will be seen on our campus as well. The current library will undergo some changes as we begin the conversion of the space to a temporary cafeteria and library until the new cafeteria has been completed. Our current auditorium will be retrofitted to serve as a temporary fitness space for phase one of construction. Prior to this move, the current gym may be fully used. We anticipate moving into the modular classrooms, temporary cafeteria and temporary fitness center at the end of the calendar year.

Of course, the primary goal during all phases of construction is to minimize the disruption on the education and student life. Although students will be first-hand witnesses to the metamorphosis of the current campus, we strive to lessen the impact on the students, faculty and staff of the Nauset community as a whole. Teachers and students are certainly thankful and optimistic for the changes our campus will soon see. The comprehensive school plan has been well-vetted and the new and renovated buildings will better reflect the educational vision of our Nauset community as well be a greater point of pride going forward.

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