Citizens Affected? By Crime!

Shahab Rabie

Why does crime affect people?

Crime affects everyone differently. Victimization often causes trauma and depending upon the level of trauma that a person has already experienced in their lifetime, crime can be devastating. In general, victimization often impacts people on an emotional,

physical, financial, psychological, and social level.

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This woman lost her son by crime.

Her son was a police officer. A person has affected this woman's life because she misses him so much!
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The link below takes you to a site that tells you more about crime!

This site is about Youth Criminal Justice in Canada!

Prisoner meets man affected by his gun crime

The Media

Newspapers, News, and also Radio's explain affections of crime. I had once heard a radio broadcast of a man that had been shot and the mother or sister were crying for about 2 minutes. The family had love the youth but life had made a choice
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