Gum Taste Test

Watermelon Flavored Gum


Our purpose for our taste test was to see what the 7th graders preferred for gum, Stride,Trident, or Extra. Our problem was that not all the pieces of gum looked the same, so some people might have just picked the piece of gum that looked cooler than the other leading brand.

Extra, Research,&Gather info.

First, we went to Extra's official website.( They had many different flavors. They are owned by Wrigley Jr. Company. Its also sugar free. It's also known to fight cavities. The whole business started in 1984.

Stride, Research,&Gather info.

Their slogan is,"A little bit epic." Cadbury Adams, also owned by Kraftfoods, is the company of Stride gum. They also have an official website.( Their gum is also sugar-free.

Trident, Research,&Gather info.

Trident gum is also introduced as, "Great taste that is good for your teeth!" The company of Trident is American Chicle Co. There's only 4 calories per stick of gum. Their website is, They are also known as the #1 brand for gum!


Me, and my groups hypothesis was that if we have, Extra, Trident, and Stride, that most people would pick Trident over the other leading brands. We picked Trident because we all really like that gum brand, and its flavor.

Experiment, Procedure.

Our procedure;

Step one: Make each gum into correct amounts. (Half of gum)

Step two: Organize each watermelon gum into correct brands.

Step three: Put each brands on either plates or trays.

Step four: Label them 1 2 3.

Step five: Put the 3 brands on either a plate or a tray, Trident goes on 1, Extra goes on 2, then so on..

Step six: Have each tester sample each gum for 10, while using a stop watch.

Step Seven: After having them chew it, have them fill out a Google form, let them pick out their favorite flavor.

Step eight: Collect data after having each person repeat this same process, while figuring out which flavor was the most popular.

Experiment, Material List.

For the material list, we need quite a few things. We needed;

4 packs of Trident Watermelon Gum

5 packs of Extra Watermelon Gum

5 packs of Stride Watermelon Gum.

An IPad for the Google form.

A camera, to take pictures of people taking samples.

A stop watch, to time people for 10 seconds, while having them try our gum.

Observation's,& Data Collection.

One variables that we are testing was, which gum brand people like better. Some of the variables that we kept the same, were to keep the size & amount the same. To stick to that rule, we cut each piece of gum into half. We also only let each person to chew the gum for only 10 seconds, so each person had tasted the same amount of gum.


In conclusion, our hypothesis did hold up, we all agreed on Trident to win, and it did! Our hypothesis was, if we have Trident, Extra, and Stride, people will most likely pick Trident over the other leading brands. We did have a couple of problems though. One of the problems were that our Google form wasn't really working correct. It wouldn't let us get onto it right away. We had to wait for a couple minutes for it to load. We also didn't do the randomizer right. We had a couple people do the taste test at a time, but we forgot to change the order of the brands. If we had to do this again, I would defiantly do the randomizer correct. Because if you don't, it could mess up your whole experiment.