A Daily Routine of Essential Oils

"We Become What We Repeatedly Do" - Sean Covey

"Oiler" Now What?

To be a successful essential oil user, you need to get comfortable with those little brown bottles. When I was introduced to essential oils it was all very exciting! I love a natural approach and the oils held such promise. I couldn't wait for my first order to arrive. Well, they arrived and in my rookie reverence, I immediately tucked them away where they would be safe from harm. Out of sight and "out of mind", I forgot to use them!

You need to create your own EO habits and daily routine. Once you get started, you'll feel down right naked without your oils around!

What would a daily routine look like?

Early morning: Take your supplements! This action absolutely sets the tone for the rest of the day. The Life Long Vitality Pack is a pretty big deal, a game changer for lots of folks. The LLV Pack is more than a multi-vitamin, it provides antioxidants, stimulates metabolism function, provides natural fatty acids for the brain and nervous system, good for heart health, digestive aid, energy AND, acts as an anti-inflammatory for managing chronic pain.

Get in the habit of taking them everyday and very, very soon...you won't forget this morning habit because you like yourself much better when you take them.

TIP! Keep your supplements in plain sight so you don't forget!

Keep Your Citrus EOs Handy!

Early morning: The first thing I want in the morning is my hot tea with Lemon and then I fill my water bottle. I keep a glass water bottle or stainless steel water bottle on the kitchen counter filled with water and a couple drops of Lemon, this water bottle goes with me everywhere too.

We know it's important to drink plenty of water throughout the day. Help yourself drink more water by adding 2 to 3 drops of a citrus essential oil. With every glass you're helping your body cleanse and detoxify. Lemon in your water will give you energy and reduce stress. Never underestimate citrus oils, they're important for depression, focus and infection too. My children love Lemon and Grapefruit in their glass bottles!

I keep my citrus oils by the water filter where I fill my water bottle.

Catch my drift?

Need more Focus?

My kids get the InTune (Focus Blend) up and down their spine before school and preschool. You can also do the ½ Wild Orange and Peppermint in a roller for focus or alertness! Two drops of Frankincense under the tongue are great for mental clarity!

Frankincense is a powerhouse EO. It aids in decreasing stress, anxiety and depression, improved circulation, brain function and reduced joint pain. Frankincense is an anti-inflammatory and beneficial for chronic inflammation and it's regenerative.

Cooking and Baking with your EO's

Don't forget to use your oils in your recipes too! Remember that essential oils are 70x more potent than a dried herb so less; is more! I substitute my essential oils in all of my recipes and love adding Cinnamon and On Guard to several of my baking recipes! I keep my diffusing oils along with my baking and cooking oils in my wooden box on my kitchen counter.

Keep your EOs mainstream by making them part of the household, out and about and all through the house :)

I keep a bottle of On Guard with a roller in the kids bathroom and in our master bath on a decorative shelf. Have you seen my shelves in all the bathrooms full of essential oils? They are great for easy access. Another oil that we apply topically daily is Balance. Make this EO a habit if you can. Both kids and adults will benefit from its great recovery powers. Let's face it, our nervous systems take a hit each and every day, Balance helps to heal the damage our stress level invokes on our body. Keep this one on nightstands, at your desk, and definitely take it with you wherever you may roam! I keep it on my nightstand with my Dreamy Sleep Salve that has the Slim and Sassy Metabolic blend in it!

Here's a powerful description of how Balance enhances everything by Dr. Susan Lawton.

"Apply Balance (Wrists, low back and feet) as first oil in series for relief of a condition and you will be pleasantly surprised at how well each additional oil seems quicker and stronger in it’s effectiveness. You can use less and enjoy more benefits because the first thing Balance does in your system is to coordinate the electro-magnetic energy that flows throughout your body (like the orchestra conductor, fine tunes all instruments --organs and nerve chains--to work together more smoothly). Balance has a special relationship with the information that runs up and down your spine in that it sings to the energy and nerve chains and brings them into harmony quickly."

Oil Pulling

It took some work but I made Oil Pulling a habit, using EOs and coconut oil. If you'd like to know more about oil pulling check out my oil pulling flyer! I do this most nights now but it took placing my EOs in plain sight for me to remember, kind of like a Post-it Note.


I would be remiss if I didn't mention diffusing as part of an EO users daily routine. I love diffusing! It's almost as important as my morning cup of tea and it is my ultimate home healthcare defense! I keep a few bottles of favorite EOs near my diffuser so I can easily refill when needed. If you want to know more about the benefits of diffusing check out my flyer on diffusing!

In Summary

Don't hide your oils away because they're precious and rare. Keep them in plain sight, get in the habit of using your oils everyday...they're meant to be used everyday. The goal is to bring EOs mainstream in your household! It's important to develop your own daily routine with your oils, you'll love them even more when you do.

Ask Dr. Hill- Using Essential Oils Daily


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