Virtual Resume

Noah Dewji

Smart Goals


S=I want to keep a 79 and above in science for the rest of the semester

M= I can track my goals by getting and keeping all my test and lab marks to calculate my average. If I am getting a 79 and above then I know I am doing what I need to keep my goal. Also, I can get help from my teachers and ask her how I can keep my 79 and also i can get my mark updates so I know where I am in the class.

A= I can do this by reviewing my notes every night and learning what I do not understand. Also, i can do well by studying for tests very well and making sure I put my time into studying for these tests. Also, when doing labs I plant too put as much detail as I can and make sure I am doing everything right by asking the teacher to check over my final work before handing it in. For my weaknesses in class i usually don't pay attention very often in class so i plan to start paying attention better. Also, I am bad at doing my homework which I also plan to start doing everyday.

R= I think this goal is realistic and doable because if I really study and put detail into work then I can achieve this goal and keep a 79 and above. Also, I am already getting a 79 so I just need to keep trying and doing what I am already doing and keep this mark or try to get higher.

T= I plan to achieve this by the end of the semester which will help me for grade 11 and 12 because I will know what I am learning better since I did well the year before. I just have to keep doing well on the test and labs and i will achieve this goal by the end of the semester.


S= I will complete my 40 hours by the beginning of grade 11

M= I will track my hours by writing it down on the hours sheet. I will see all the hours I have completed i total and it will help me track my goal of 40 hours. Also, i will be getting the sheet signed to prove i completed those hours.

A= Firstly, I will look for different places that need volunteers and I will go see if they will let me volunteer. Also, I wont be lazy and I will actually for places online or in flyers to see if there is anywhere to volunteer. I can also just ask my friends who have completed their hours where they volunteered so I know a place that will actually hire me. My weaknesses are that I don't actually wanna go anywhere and volunteer, but I will change that and not be lazy and actually go volunteer. Also, i will call places and contact them and ask if they need volunteers just so i can make sure I get my 40 hours done. I will not be picky for where I volunteer and just choose anywhere as long as they will let me volunteer.

R= This goal is very realistic and doable because many places need volunteers in the summer and it is not very hard to find these places with the internet these days. Also, I already have 10 of my hours done so I only need 30 more and that is not very much since i have two months of no school.

T= I plan on achieving this goal by the beginning of grade 11, I plan to have all my 40 hours done by then. I will make sure I find places and get my hours done this summer.

Noah Dewji

Telephone: 4165585239


Address 23 Citadel Cres, Brampton, Ontario, L6P1X9


To be a good employee

To obtain a customer service position where I can utilize my strong communication skills and contribute to a successful team.



Advanced College Diploma in Automotive and Vehicle Technology | Hamilton, Ontario

September 2012 - June 2017


Bachelor of Technology | Hamilton, Ontario

September 2012 - September 2017

Louise Arbour Secondary School

High School Diploma | Brampton, Ontario

September 2014 - June 2018

Work Experience


JAN Financial INC | Brampton, Ontario

  • Inputted data into computer software

  • Organized files

  • Cleaning and removal of office materials

June 2015 - August 2015

Volunteer Experience

Toronto West Children's Christmas Party 2015

Canada Revenue Agency | Mississauga, Ontario

December 2015


Reena Foundation | Toronto, Ontario

  • Created informational packages

  • Utilized customer service skills through greeting and signing in individuals for community event

May 2015 - July 2015


Pizza Helper

September 2013 - April 2014

Tech Crew

September 2011 - June 2012

Lunchroom Helper

September 2011 - June 2012

Forest of Reading

September 2010 - May 2011

Skills and Abilities

  • Proficent in the use of personal computers at home to prepare homework assignments and the use of internet for researching term papers.

  • Time Management

  • Extremely organized, outgoing, responsible, positive, mature highschool student

  • Dedicated and careful – high level of accuracy and strong attention to detail

  • High math grades and excellent addition and subtraction skills

  • Hardworking
  • Dependable and Responsible
  • Leadership and management
  • Ms Word, Excel, Powerpoint and Publisher
  • Excellent written and communication skills


Completion of Exploring Technology

January 2015


Completing Exploring Technology

January 2015

Hobbies and Interests

  • Learning new programs based on computers

  • Working with computers

  • References

    Mariola Allum, Committee Member , Canada Revenue Agency, 905-566-6012

    Rachel Likev, Striking Iv Reena, Reena foundation, 905-764-1081

    Challenges and Solutions: Automotive Service Technician

    When being an automotive service technician, there are some health challenges when having this job. Somes things include, physical strain, hearing, safety,and asbestos. Firstly, when it comes to physical strain there is no real way to avoid it since you will have to get under cars or get in uncomfortable positions to reach things. When it comes to hearing and safety you can always wear safety clothes such as gloves or goggles. Also, you can wear something to protect your hearing from loud noises so it does not affect your hearing in the future. When it comes to the asbestos in car parts, when working with older car parts you can wear face masks to avoid breathing in the chemical. Also, now a days with newer cars the manufacturers usually don't use asbestos. Overall, there are some health challenges to being an automotive service technician, even if most are avoidable there are some you will just have to deal with.

    Next I am going to talk about the work challenges such as irregular working hours and rude customers. When being a mechanic you may experience irregular work hours depending on how you work. Such as if you work for a shop the hours may not be that bad depending on the shop. But, if you have your own shop you will most likely have irregular work hours. Even when you're not at the shop you will have to be ordering parts or taking care of bills for the business. So when it comes to hours you will have to ask when applying for jobs how often you will be working. Lastly, when it comes to the rude customers it is not very avoidable. You never know how a customer is going to be, they maybe try to blame you for problems with their car. You will just have to have good people skills to deal with them. Overall, there are few workplace issues you will have when being a mechanic.

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