by: Neal Shusterman

The Skinjacker Trilogy

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Neal Shusterman is an award wining author born in Brooklyn, New York. Who's books that are mostly of science fiction.

Why? and How?

Neal Shusterman made his first mark by writing a hysterical column about his UCI (University of California) swim team, and within a year of graduating he had his first book deal and was hired to make a movie script.


Shusterman's initial inspiration was the simple concept of two kids bumping into each other at the moment of death, and on the way to the light. He wanted to create a world in which there was no fear of death, no pain, and to completely change the "rules of existence". When realizing that buildings such as the World Trade Center could live there forever, he was compelled to write the books.


The concept of Everlost

Everlost is not only the title of the first book in the series, it is also name of the world in which they are living in. In Everlost the "Rules of Existence" are changed from what we are living in today, such as how in Everlost, there is no death, and there is no pain. One major thing in Everlost is that you become what you think.

Example: Johnnie-O (the main characters bodyguard) died, and when he woke up in Everlost he remembered that he had big fist, so over time, his fist grew bigger then the normal size

Buildings and Animals

Buildings are brought into Everlost when they are destroyed, but the building must have been loved, if it was not, it is not accepted into Everlost, This is also why Shusterman incorporated The World Trade Center in it followed the rules of Everlost,

On the other hand, animals are not at all accepted into the world of Everlost, this is unknown why but there have been animals in Everlost. This is because there are people in Everlost who can literally "rip" things out of the living world and bring it into Everlost

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The Skinjacker Trilogy: Everwild

Quick Synopsis of EverLost (NO SPOILERS)

In Everlost, they awaken within seconds of each other, to find a kid named Lief who tells them of what is happening around them, together they travel to New York where they meet with Johnnie-O, after the encounter they arrive in New York where they meet Mary Hightower, who is the "queen" of the afterlights. She is in charge of the afterlights in the World Trade Center.


In Everlost the first book in the trilogy, the real intentions and identities of people are revealed. This sets off a war between two people, and it is time to prepare for it, but at the moment Allie, now being known as Allie "The Outcast" is off to her old home to find closure about her death and the well-being of her family. Nick, now know as the "Chocolate Orge" for the excessive amount of chocolate on his body, is traveling where most afterlights would never had gone, the Everwild.
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Nothing to do with the Book! But isn't it awesome?!