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October 15, 2015

Should we consider a new format for morning announcements?

Musical Morning Announcements with Gabrielle Union

Veteran's Day Update

I spoke to a few staff members already today but I want to make sure this gets out to all parties involved in our Veteran's Day. I want to acknowledge that I appreciated the feedback on my survey and took those responses into consideration. So here is the overview for the day. See the bell schedule below as well to make sure there are not conlficts in the teaching schedule.

  • Assembly in the morning will be followed by an hour of Learning Zone for grade level/wing developed activities. These activities should be separate from your classroom and should focus on one of our themes (war memorials, wounded veterans, canine companions, anniversary of the Korean War) or anything related to veterans. This would be the time that veterans and community members would be invited into our classrooms to see our activities.
  • After LZ, we will proceed with our regularly scheduled classes. I ask that you consider starting off class with something related to Veteran's Day but it is not required since many of you are overwhelmed with your current curriculum.
  • I plan on giving you next week's staff meeting time to meet in your wings to plan your grade level LZ Veteran's activity and talk about the classroom activities for that day as well.
  • I will meet with my student Veteran's Day Committee tomorrow during LZ to get started on the assembly and their ideas. If you have an idea or would be willing to help in any capacity please let me know. Even help as simple as signs and putting together pins and such for our visitors!

Veteran's Day Schedule - Please review for teaching conflicts

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BSI and Content Collaboration

We have recently received communication from a few parents who have accepted the interventions for their child and want to know how he/she will receive additional instruction. My first response is to tell them to contact the classroom teacher to find out more but I also communicate to them my expectations for classroom teachers to address deficiencies within the 80 minute block at least once a week. Now that SI is in full swing, you should use that data to form small groups or assign those children activities in relation to their deficiencies.

I respectfully request that over the next few weeks of Content Collaboration you discuss how each of you are addressing the BSI students. I also am open to ideas on how you can assist those students during LZ. I also would like you to chat about how you are putting this into your lesson plans.

Special Classroom Activities

If you have something you would like Kevin or I to see to highlight the great things going on in your classroom, please consider inviting us in to walkthrough and share in it with you. We may not always be available with observations fully underway and walkthroughs but I know we would both make our best effort to see what you have planned.

Upcoming Events and Reminders

  • 10/19 - SGO Submissions due by 8:30am. Submit SGO form, copy of assessment and your data analysis.
  • 10/19 - ELA 7/8 Collaboration
  • 10/21 - Begin SGO meetings
  • 10/21- Staff Meeting in your respective halllways to plan Veteran's Day
  • 10/23 - Math 5/6 Collaboration