Who I am and why I am unique. Elora Adams

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Who Am I?

Who I am and Why

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Vitamin String Quartet

This is one of my favorite orchestra group. I love the covers they do of popular songs.

My Hobbies and/or Interests

1) One of my most favorite hobbies is drawing. I draw whenever I can and I always draw my best to improve my drawings.

2) I am a really big fan of horror stories. I listen to the narrator Mr.Creepypasta on YouTube and love all the stories he narrates, One of my favorite authors he does is Vincent V. Cava, who also wrote a book called Dark Tales.

3) I am also into a lot of anime and manga. I try my best to and time to watch or read it whenever I can.

Video Clip

I couldn't quite find a video clip that would be who I am. I'm sure their might be one out there but I could not find it.


One influence is my three older sisters. The eldest, Charissa, taught me to be creative and she's the one who got me into drawing. The second eldest, Ellyse, who taught me to be firm but kind. Then the third eldest, Fallon, who taught me to always try reasoning with my parents, no matter the situation.

Another influence is anime. A lot of people say you can not learn anything from it, but I disagree. Anime has taught me to stick to the people who care about you, no matter what. Always do what you think is right. And most importantly, live your life to the fullest and never waste a moment of your life being unhappy for someone who doesn't completely matter in your life. Always be you.

The last big influence on me is Homestuck. Like anime, I have learned many things from Homestuck. One thing being never take what you have for granted because it could all be gone tomorrow. Never take family or friends for granted either. You should also always put faith in your friends and try reasoning with them before making rational decisions because you could regret it later in life.

Vitamin String Quartet- Carry On Wayward Son (Kansas)

Favorite Book and Favorite Movie

My favorite book, or rather book series, is The Series of Unfortunate Events. I found it very well written and the plot line memorable. I thought it was very well done.

My favorite movie is Spirited Away. It is an anime film about a girl who gets sucked into the world of spirits. She goes on a magical adventure with the help of a few spirits who try to help get her and her family back home.

The Poem/Lyric that Describes Me

My favorite poem is Needles and Pins by Shel Silversten. I'm still not quite sure what it was about but it still puts a smile on my face when I read it. There's something about it that cannot get out of my head.

My Favorite Quote

My favorite quote is by Lewis Carrol. It is "We're all mad here". It is very short and simple, but I think it means everyone is crazy and different in their own ways. I find it intriguing.


The one place I will not forget is the place I was born and where I grew up, Colorado. It impacted me in a big way. It holds why snow and rain are my favorites types of weather. Why I truly love the mountains, and night time. The memory of the high mountains and the cool, crisp air will be what I long for to come back to me.