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Parent Update: March 24

Pick Up Reminder: CHS Lot

If you are using the CHS lot to park and pick up your child. You must get out of your car to retrieve your child. We do not want students in the parking lot alone. Ms. Gaul has been instructed to not allow a child to cross the driveway without a parent. Thank you for your attention to this matter to ensure everyone arrives home safely.

NJSLA Testing Dates

Listed below are the dates when LAF will be administering the NJSLA New Jersey Student Learning Assessments. Please click here for more information.

Testing Schedule:

  • May 15 - 17: Three ELA Sessions - 1 Session per day
  • May 18 - 19: Three Math Sessions - 1 Session May 18; 2 Sessions May 19
  • May 22 - 23 - 5th Grade ONLY: Four Science Sessions - 2 Sessions per day

Earth Day Greenraiser

Welcome to Lafayette's Greenraiser! Did you notice a Tree Machine donation box by the gym doors? The LAF Environmental Club would love to have your donations! Clothes, shoes, accessories, and linens will be accepted. For every full bin, a tree will be planted in Africa through Trees for the Future. All of the textiles will be reused, repurposed, or resold in Central America. The bin will also serve as a fundraiser (donations are weighed weekly) for the Environmental Club which will be purchasing trees and plants for the school. Time to clean out those closets! Thanks for your support.

Pictures for Yearbook Consideration

If you have any photos you'd like to submit for consideration in this year's LAF yearbook, please email them to: by Friday, March 31.

Photos should be school related, taken on LAF property, on the first day of school, or at LAF events like Mini Marathon, Halloween Parade, School Concerts, etc.

To make things easier for the volunteers sorting through photos and creating the yearbook, please rename the photos you attach to your email using the following format: Grade_Homeroom_Event.jpeg.

So for example: 4_Hadley_1stDay.jpeg OR 5_Jackameit_MiniMarathon.jpeg

Including similar information in the subject of your email will also be helpful.

This will really help us organize submissions and best place the photos throughout the book, so thank you in advance for taking the time to submit this way.

Finally, we will make every effort to represent as many students as possible in this year's yearbook. Depending on the number of photos received, we may not be able to include all of them, and we thank you for your understanding.


That's a wrap! Another great selection by Mrs. Cifrodella and Mrs. Azzaro coupled with another great Escape Room extravaganza in the LMC. As we come to the end of March, I just want to thank everyone once again for supporting your child's reading at home. Reading is one of the most beneficial ways to help your child achieve success at school.

5th - 6th Grade Health Information

As you may already know NJ State requires 2 immunizations for 6th Grade. One is the Tdap booster and the 2nd is the meningitis vaccine. The Tdap vaccine is required upon entrance into 6th grade while the meningitis vaccine is required at age 11. If your student has received these vaccines already please feel free to send in the paperwork to me at LAF so you will be ready for the start of school in September. If you prefer to fax the updated immunization record the fax number here is (973)457-2493. As always please feel free to reach out to me with any questions or concerns.

Warm Regards,

Sally Kelly RN, CSN

973-457-2507 option 3

Yearbook Sale

Order your Lafayette 2022 — 2023 Yearbook today! 4th and 5th grade students will be in the yearbook. Extras will not be ordered. The cost is $25.00.

Visit, enter our yearbook ID: 14484023, and follow the prompts to purchase. Sales are open through Friday, April 21.

Trimester 2 Report Cards Posted Today

Report cards will be posted on March 24th. Take a look at what your children have been learning this trimester In ELA, Math, Science, and Social Studies.

4th GRADE:


During the second trimester in ELA, we have focused our reading comprehension strategies on nonfiction text. In addition to building our reading stamina for this unique genre, we have worked on identifying text structures to determine importance in order to facilitate research, note taking, summarizing, as well as comprehension. Publishing personal essays, with continued focus on the author's craft, as well as mechanics, has been the central goal of the writing process.


This trimester in math the students focused on fractions. The fourth grade started their unit by comparing fractions and finding equivalent fractions. They learned how to use a number line to compare fractions. They also worked with finding multiples and common denominators to compare fractions. Fourth graders also learned to add and subtract fractions and are working on multiplying fractions by whole numbers. In 5th grade, they multiplied and divided fractions as well as reviewed the concepts from 4th grade.


In Science, the students investigated the pattern of volcanoes and earthquakes on the Earth. First, to gather evidence, the students analyzed earthquake and volcano data from the USGS. They interpreted the data to look for patterns of volcano and earthquake locations on Earth. They also gathered evidence from additional nonfiction texts and videos. Finally, the students used this data to create scientific models and then wrote an evidence-based scientific explanation to explain why earthquakes and volcanoes occur primarily around the edges of the Pacific Ocean.


In 4th grade Social Studies this marking period, we've been exploring how the cultures, climate, and geography of the Southeast and Midwest regions have shaped the history, traditions and economies of both areas and how social studies can help us to better understand how people are similar and different in each region of our county.

5th GRADE:


In 5th grade reading, the students focused on informational text structures and author’s craft, drawing conclusions, and supporting their thinking with text evidence and meaningful explanations. Locating the main idea, supporting details, and summarizing were also focus areas. In addition, students worked to compare texts and use meaningful evidence to explain their conclusions. In 5th grade writing, students generated an essential question to drive their research, and developed sub topics for their research-based article. Students used the text structures to support note-taking, and then wrote articles that clearly answered the essential research question and included meaningful information to inform the reader.


In 5th grade math, students performed calculations involving multiplication and division of decimals using the standard algorithm. Students have practiced strategies for finding equivalent fractions and then adding and subtracting fractions and mixed numbers with unlike denominators. 5th grade students have also multiplied fractions and mixed numbers and have begun building strategies for dividing with unit fractions.


In science the students investigated air, a type of matter so small that it cannot be seen. First, to gather evidence about the effects of air, the students conducted a hands-on experiment where they placed cups upside-down underwater. They observed that the cups stayed dry and explained that the force of air on the water caused the cup to remain dry inside. Students also gathered evidence from various nonfiction texts and videos and conducted two online experiments. Finally, the students used this data to create scientific models and then wrote an evidence-based scientific explanation to explain how the force of air affects other types of matter within its system.


In 5th grade Social Studies this marking period, we've been using historical thinking skills and practices to explore different events and experiences of the American Revolution as well as the historical context of the US Constitution. In the process, we'll examine the branches of government defined by the Constitution and how basic rights and freedoms are protected by the Bill of Rights.



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