EDUC 204

Week 1

Week 1

Welcome to week 1. During this week we are reviewing Danielson Domain1: Planning and Preparation. Within this domain you have 6 quests to complete. There are also 2 optional badges available during this quest. This quest opens today and closes June 13. If you want feedback on any assignment please send me anything via email by noon on June 7th.

Due June 13

  • Q.U.E.S.T 1.0
  • Q.U.E.S.T 1.1
  • Q.U.E.S.T 1.2
  • Q.U.E.S.T 1.3
  • Q.U.E.S.T 1.4
  • Q.U.E.S.T 1.5
  • Q.U.E.S.T 1.6

Badges available

You will find the following badges available .Remember the badges are optional and you can complete 1 or both parts.

  • Badge 1- Google alert worth 4XP (starts today and closes June 13)
  • Badge 2 - Video questioning tool worth 30 XP (starts today and closes June 13)
  • Badge 7 - Summer Twitter challenge worth 30 XP (starts today closes July 13)
  • Badge 8 - Teach like a pirate worth 30 XP (starts today closes July 13)

Schoology Link

Link to Schoology

Schoology login tutorial

I attached a link for you to review. This link goes over how to create an account and login with Schoology

Schoology intro

Virtual Cooperating Teacher

You have all been assigned a virtual cooperating teacher for the summer class. This person is to be used as a guide and resource for you to bounce ideas off of – NOT to complete an assignment for you! The purpose of this professional relationship is to provide you with an authentic environment for your coursework and materials. This relationship is to be fruitful for you as a preservice educator because you can create materials that can be used in an actual classroom! Be sure you are in contact with your virtual cooperating teacher by:

(a) emailing them an introduction about yourself,

(b) keeping them up to date about the requirements of assignments,

(c) asking relative and professional questions,

(d) providing quality materials for them to use in their classrooms, and

( e) responding back to your cooperating teacher in a professional and timely manner.

This individual will be able to provide you with advice about practice, planning, preparation of tools, tips, knowledge of students and their school environment. The link to your virtual cooperating teacher is here – please be sure to follow them on twitter and email them ASAP

To the Google Doc!

Please make sure you go through and complete the document attached. Include on the document (notice a new column) which email address you would like me to use for this course. Personally, I will be sending all email through my GCC email address. However, all materials must be share with my Gmail email (

Questions? Comments? Concerns?

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