8 Ways To Get Better In CS:GO

by Alex Simic

What is CS:GO?

CS:GO (Counter Strike Global Offensive) is a team based, first person shooter, real time, competitive game of Counter Terrorists vs Terrorists. Their are 6 game modes in CS:GO known as: Deathmatch, Arms Race, Demolition. The Competitive game modes are the Bomb Scenario's and the Hostage Scenario's. The non-violent game mode is Surfing. The goal of the competitive game is to win 16 rounds out of 30 rounds total, you can either win, loose, or tie. In the competitive game modes, the job of a Counter Terrorist is to either eliminate the entire enemy team, run out the clock (Bomb Scenario), or defuse the bomb/capture a hostage. Also in the competitive game modes, the job of a Terrorist is to either eliminate the entire enemy team, run out the clock (Hostage Scenario), or detonate the bomb. Here are a few tips to help you get better in the competitive side of the game.

Control Your Stress

Don't go in a game when you're mad/angry. Control your stress!!! I have played many games with too many people joining already mad from a previous game. The game would get so much better if people joined with positive vibes. When those who come in mad bring bad vibes, it sets the whole game to a bad mood and you must stay in that mood or get banned for 30 minutes - 7 days. Join games like a happy person, excited to play, not like a jerk.

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Ah, the good ol' saying, practice makes perfect. In this case, practice makes "Global Elites"(A Global Elite is a person of the highest skill rank in the game). In CS:GO you must practice often to be decent at the game. This game is difficult to be good at so you must hone your skills and learn to aim. But never practice too much, as much as you want to become a Global Elite in 1 day, you can't, in order to become a true Global Elite, you must know what the travel there is like, through rank ups and demotions, it is the life of a Global Elite. Also never practice too much because it is bad for you to stare at a screen all day. Try and keep yourself balance with CS:GO and reality.

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Watch your recent matches

No one is perfect every game, not even pros. A good idea to learn how to get better at CS:GO is to watch your recent matches. Watch and learn to see where your strong points are, also where you can improve on. Every game someone has a "silver round" (Silver is the first set of ranks in the game, typically where people are very good are in this rank; a "silver round" is a round where you play like a silver). You are bound to find something in your replays that you feel like you might want to practice, so practice it, nothing bad ever comes from a little practice, this also decreases your chance of making the same mistake again.

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Make your own crosshair

Its important to concentrate in CS:GO. If you have had trouble focusing in CS:GO, your crosshair probably doesn't speak to you. By this I mean everyone uses a different crosshair other than the default one. There are even community maps you can download that helps you make your very own crosshair. Use these maps to your advantage, the more comfortable you are with your game and senses, the better you are and the more focused you are.

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Make good friends

It is important to make friends in life, and sometimes either your friends don't play this game or they just like to mess around. CS:GO is difficult joining a game by yourself because you don't know anyone in the lobby, try to make friends in other game modes and invite them to a competitive match and have a good time! As long as there are positive vibes in the lobby, you feel a connection between these guys, friend them, they are bound to bring plenty of fun games.

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Watch some pro matches

In all games and sports, there are going to be pros. In CS:GO there are championships where teams full of professionals are going head to head in some of the best matches or the worst matches. Either way, these games are streamed on Twitch (A live streaming service). You can watch these games for free, and you can see how the pros do it. It is good to watch those because they may know more about the map than you do and show you a few tricks on the maps. If you watch these games then practice a few things you saw, you will be playing like a pro (but not really).

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Now, some can brag about their 500 billion speed WiFi and their constant 1 ping, and their are others that brag about stealing McDonald's WiFi. Now I am pretty sure it is common sense to not play this game when you visit McDonalds, you should only play this game when you a a good and stable connection with the internet. Now I understand if your WiFi crashes mid game and you lag out, that is known as bad luck, maybe karma in some cases, but anyway, make sure you have a stable connection when you join a competitive match because your teammates expect you to join and play your heart out and you end up disappointing your teammates when the game becomes a 4v5. Don't ruin the game for others or yourself, play the game at the best times only.

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Do not grief/hack!

Now, if you're too lazy to practice or watch pros to learn something, you can always hack. Actually you can hack, but not for long. CS:GO has a system for cheaters, first when someone is getting fishy (Fishy=Suspicious), players can report them, this report is then sent to other players that play the game, but these players have played over 150 games so they know what hacking looks like and what skill looks like, and when they vote after they view a game, if it is unanimous for guilty, then the VAC (Valve Anti Cheat) system comes in. This system then locates the players computer, searches his computer for any scripts (coding that allows player to aim automatically aims to the head, see players through walls, bunny hop (bunny hops are a way for very skilled players to move around the map quickly), etc.) that enhances the cheaters skill and if it finds these scripts, that account will be banned forever and will never be able to play without spending another $20 on a fresh new account. And in some cases, it isn't that bad, but if you have a lot of good items worth a lot, you can loose up to thousands of dollars. In the end, don't hack, you can loose a lot for just trying to get better, also you will be known as an *** for hacking.

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