Mayans, Incas, and Aztecs

Maili Crawford R2

Facts about Mayans

Art-Mayans liked to build pyramids and make them decorative. They built them to honor the Gods.

Government- Mayans were ruled by kings and had 4 social classes. Top were the rulers, then the nobilities, peasants, and slaves which were at the bottom.

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Facts about Incas

Art- They liked to make gold statues of llamas or alpacas. They used gold for a lot of their art.

Government- Incas had an organized yet very controlling government. They told you who you would marry and what job you would have. They had 2 social classes. Nobles and commoners.

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Facts about Aztecs

Art- They liked to use leather for a lot of their art. They also liked to carve large Gods from stone.

Government- They had 3 classes. The highest class was the nobles, then intermediate, followed by the commoners which were at the bottom. They were led by an empire.


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Mayan Farming

Mayan often constructed irrigation canals. They also did something that they called slash and burn. That is when they cut and then burnt the field of leftovers from harvesting.
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Inca Farming

Inca did terrace farming. The lived in mountains. They had to build mountain irrigation streams to get the water to the plants.
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Aztec Farming

The Aztec made floating gardens because they liked to be on water. With the floating gardens, they made 7x more crops than people who had a regular field. They were usually about 300 feet long.
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Mayan Inventions

The Mayan invented a mathematical system based on 20 using 0. They also invented the calendar along with its 365 days. The calendar helped them predict eclipses and could tell the day of the week long ago.
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Inca Inventions

Inca invented different types of medicine. They also invented surgery and blood transfusions. The medicine, surgery, and blood transfusions helped cure people and save lives They invented a speaking tool called a quipu. The quipu gave the Incas another way to speak.
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Aztec Inventions

The Aztec invented popcorn, books, and a calendar. But they made a different type of calendar. They made calendars that were for farming and religious purposes. Books could be used for learning.
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Cultural Traditions

Mayan Traditions

Sacred rituals are celebrated every year by J-Men, Maya Healers, and Wise man by inviting others to the Hacienda Chichen's Maya Jungle Reserve. There they have traditional Mayan culture celebrations.
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Inca Traditions

In June during the full moon, many people go to the Andes mountains on a mass pilgrimage 5,500 meters high. "A tremendous stream of energy links our planet with the stars." This brings peoples attitudes up and makes the stars appearance different.

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Aztec Traditions

On the last day of every week, they would have a traditional fair or market day. After every 52 years, they spent 5 unlucky days preparing for the end of the world. They would let every temple fire go out and destroyed everything in their households. They would also try to attempt to start a fire on a sacrificed man's chest cavity.
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