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Only Hours Remain!

If you are interested in being considered for a principal position next year, you MUST complete your supplementary application no later than September 22nd, 11:59pm.

NO applications will be accepted after this time period!

Please do not wait until the last minute to complete. You never know if you might have technology challenges, and the deadline will NOT be extended for any reason.

Again, please ensure your supplementary application is completed and submitted no later than September 22nd, 11:59pm.

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UPDATED Frequently Asked Questions - Supplemental Application

1. Do I have to use the template for my resume?

  • Yes. It is noted in multiple areas that there is a required format. This is one aspect of how applications will be assessed.

2. How much time should I set aside to complete the supplemental application?

  • The supplemental application requires the upload of several documents such as an up-to-date resume, last year's performance evaluation and student achievement data. In addition, there are two essay prompts to complete. Please allow ample time to complete the supplemental application. It is also recommended that you save your essays in a word document before submitting in case there are any technology issues.

3. Do I need to include data and a summary for every upload for Evidence of Impact?

  • It is not required to submit data and a summary for every upload. However, data assists in the assessment of the strength of the impact. Additionally, a summary helps provide context, background information and helps establish clear connection to the applicant's role in achieving success.

4. How will I know if I am selected for the Assessment Center?

  • Assignment of an assessment center date will be sent to applicants selected to advance to the next stage of the hiring process. Notifications will be made via district email. Applicants should reserve both October 5th and October 26th as potential dates for an in-person assessment.

5. Why is the application due so early?

  • Our process allows School Leadership to have multiple opportunities to assess applicants in their skills as potential principals. As vacancies arise, executive directors will have a comprehensive assessment of potential candidates, allowing for identification of best fit and matching to specific school needs.

6. If I am selected for the Principal Candidate Pool, am I guaranteed a principal position?

  • No, entry into the Principal Candidate Pool provides no guarantee you will be selected as a principal. Individuals in this approved pool will be the group of candidates the executive directors will utilize as potential interviewees for vacancies.

7. What if I make it to the Principal Candidate Pool, but I am not selected for a principal position?

  • Individuals that are selected for the Principal Candidate Pool but are not selected for a principal position will be automatically entered into the Principal Candidate Pool for the upcoming year.

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Questions about the Hiring Process, Please contact: