Water Conservation

Do you want to ration water?

Water Conservation in Colorado Springs

Do you enjoy nice hot showers in the morning? Do you enjoy water coming out of the faucet to hydrate your parched lips? If you enjoy any of these things you may be alarmed that we will be facing water shortages by 2025. The water moves 200 miles to be cleaned and pumped and 42% of the water that they spend their money on goes right on to the lawn. You can conserve water by reducing showers by five minutes or turning the water off when brushing teeth. You can save water by also getting a xeroscape which consists of plants that have adapted to the environment. We are over pumping the water from aquifers (underground lakes) and due to irrigation where farmers take all the aquifer's water. The water table is lowering and soon we wont be able to get any water. To avoid catastrophe turn of the tap or check toilets for leaks. It wont be too hard.