Planet Project

Pick Your Favorite Planet

Explore Our Solar System!

1. Write down what you know about the project.

2. Write down what you need to know in order to do your project.

3. Develop your research questions.

4. Use the websites below to do your research.

5. List all your facts on paper as a rough draft.

6. Create & decorate your foldable.

Pick Your Favorite Planet

Enter the name of your planet in the search box and use the articles for research.

NASA Solar System

Click the planet names on the left.

Click on your planet to see the article. Then click on the arrow labeled "inside" & click on the tabs labeled "fun facts" and "more"

NASA Exploration

Scroll to the bottom to view the Exploration Timeline. Use the arrows on the left and right of the panel to see all the satellites. Click on each picture to get more info.

Planet Foldable

The facts shown on your foldable must be in complete sentences and each sentence must begin with a bullet. (Small symbol at the start of a line)

  1. Atmosphere

  1. Does it have an atmosphere? Is it solid, liquid, or gas?

  2. Chemicals in atmosphere

  3. Storms

  1. Layers

    1. Layers of the planet

    2. Description of the layers (molten, solid metal, crust, etc)

  2. Gravity

    1. How does it compare to Earth

    2. How does it affect the planet’s moons

    3. Has it effected exploring the planet

  3. Moons & Rings

    1. List the number of moons

    2. List and describe up to 5 of the moons for your planet

    3. Describe the rings. What are they made of & is there something odd about them?

  4. Exploration

    1. How was this planet found

    2. How was it studied before we had electricity?

    3. Include exploration with telescopes (observatories & Hubble)

    4. What “spacecrafts”, satellites, or exploration devices have been sent and what did they discover about the planet?

    5. What is going to be sent in the near future?